Thinker. Gogetter. Provider. Servant. Overcomer.

The leader of the bundle. He enjoys reading, working with his hands, spending time with God, and loving on his family. The hardest worker, he wears many hats in this season of life. He uses his past experiences to fuel him to do better and be better. He does his best to make sure his family gets the very best out of this life and always comes through on his promises.



Dreamer. Giver. Fierce. Tender. Lover.

AKA Mama Banks. I am a free spirited, modern-day hippie. I try to treat others the way I would want to be treated. My goal is to bring out the best in everyone that I meet. I hope that I send people away from me feeling better than they did before they came to me. I do a little bit of everything and I'm still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I'm determined to make the world a better place by raising up 5 awesome humans. I pray that I'm doing my babies and my husband justice everyday.



Scholar. Future Chopped Jr. Champ. Composer. Pokemon Enthusiast. Daddy's boy.

He keeps us searching Google to answer the complex questions he has for us. He is highly intelligent (getting his IQ tested soon) and does anything he sets his mind to. He is the best biggest brother and makes sure everyone is doing their part to keep our house running properly. He'll probably be the President one day, so we are just doing what we can to make sure we can keep up with him!



Giver. Caretaker. Dancing Machine. Athlete. Fierce rocker of the fro.

AKA "everybody's favorite" EVERYBODY LOVES HIM! Strangers, friends, family. He's the sweetest boy there ever were. Eating us out of house and home, he loves his food. He loves to cuddle, chase his baby sister around the house and is the best at giving his brothers piggyback rides. He has a great attitude and outlook on life and he keeps us laughing with his everyday antics!



Lover. Softy. Savvy. Perceptive. Witty.

This guy. He is something else. His nickname around here is "the aggravator" because he knows how to push your buttons. But just as quick as he can do that, he will turn around and tell you how much he loves you. He's got a tough exterior, but he's nothing but a big ol' teddy bear inside. He's kept us on our toes since the day he was born and we wouldn't change a thing about him!



Sweet. Sour. Intelligent. Million dollar smile. Intuitive.

AKA Brevy man-mans, he will always be our baby boy. His smile can light up your whole world and his lip pucker will make you melt. Loves to do whatever his big brothers are doing, and he will NOT be left out. Lover of all things Paw Patrol, he can't go to sleep without his rubble and his favorite blanket. He is our sunshine on a cloudy day.



Princess. Stubborn. Demanding. Silly. Enchantress.

Oh, Joella. Our sweet surprise. She has had us all wrapped around her finger since the moment she took her first breath. No one can ever say to no to her, so she gets whatever she wants. A quick flick of her lashes and you'll be putty in her hands. She knows how to summon everyone in the house with her sweet little voice, and she picks up on everything. Already a little diva, she is everything we never knew we needed, and we like to call her our "cherry on top".