End of Tball 2014 Season!

We ended our Spring Season with a BANG! Way to go Bulls and Phillies!!



Braxtons Team party was at our house! Meghan helped me put together a super cute party!!









The moms got the coaches signed balls and gift cards! So sweet!


I was very proud of my cake! And Brendan was exhausted afterwards. Can ya tell?! Until next spring, Bye T-Ball!

Family Reunion 2014








We had a blast celebrating my dads side of the family this past weekend! Nothing like family!




BEHIND!! I'm so behind on blogging! I've got recipes, vidoes, tutorials, super cute kid pics, milestones that the Brevy man has made, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we leave for disney in less than two months, and I haven't even finished blogging last years trip!

I will catch up eventually, but as of right now, I am enjoying the summer time with my babies and their super cute daddy. He just went back to work after taking a week off, and boy did we need that! I just love that man. I would always have him less than an inch away from me if I could!

I guess I will start blogging from the most current, and kinda back track, I still have Braydens field day that he has been begging me to blog, and then I guess I will end with Disney.

So, most current, well, kinda.. lol would be last weekend! We attended our friends Kristy and Dan's baby girls Natalies 2nd Birthday Party at the Little Gym! Natalie is one of those special babies to me, because I was there moments after she was born to capture some super sweet moments from her parents getting to meet their daughter. I will never forget walking in and Kristy saying "We have a daughter!" Talk about sobfest! I also took her newborns, which are some of my FAVORITE ones to date!

The kids had a blast, even Brayden who didn't get to play very long, because he was coming from acting class (More on that later)... It was a great party celebrating little Natalie Faith! I put together a video, because that is my most favorite thing to do now, and the boys LOVE watching the videos I make! Happy 2nd Birthday to Natalie!


The Boys


His brothers keeper. Boy genius. Pseudo man of the house. Actor in training. Professional negotiator. Trilingual mathlete. Daddy's Boy. Wants to drive garbage trucks when he grows up.
 His birth story is here and here


Speaks food in 15 different languages. Giver of sweet kisses. Sleepwalker. Smile that will hypnotize you. Mommy's boy. Fierce fro rocker. Dancing machine. Caregiver.
Read about his birth story here.



Terrible wonderful two year old. Eats ANYTHING. Loves to snuggle. Future champ. Defender. Con Artist. Stud Muffin. Stubborn. Sour patch kid.
Read about his birth story here


Everybody's baby. Sweet and happy. Loves milk. Sleeps alot. Slobber machine. Future lady charmer. Baby of the family

Read about his birth story herehere, and here.

Happy Summer!

Since Mondays are Braydens video days, I decided to put together a little video to replace it. He has decided to take today off, to "start enjoying summer break"

I don't blame him! I LOVE SUMMER! My childhood is full of summer memories. I went and got groceries yesterday and just filled up my kids snacks with sugary filth. I don't usually let them eat some things, but summertime is a time to snack all day, stay up all night, swim whenever the weather is right, and just have a good time! We are looking forward to many summer adventures!! Stay tuned!

Also, if you missed our Fathers Day video, it is here! I've been waiting to get a new camera so I could make awesome videos! Get ready for more!!


National Police Week 2014, Washington, D.C.

Here you go as promised, I am sharing my experience from 2014 National Police Week in Washington, D.C.
First let me apologize for the delay, Mama Banks had to catch up on her posts! Now it's my turn. As I reflect on the trip I began to realize how hard it would be to put my experience on paper without writing an entire book. You see writing for me is like talking....I just keep going and going and going. So rather than bore you with my longwindedness (is that even a word?!?) I will share a lot of pictures and give you the highlighted-Cliffnotes version.
I strongly believe that every U.S. citizen should visit our nations capitol at least once in their life as an adult. I remember going as a child in the 1st grade, yes that was well over 20 years ago. And if you know me you know that I L-O-V-E, Washington, D.C. and almost everything that has to do with that beloved city. Now that I am in the early stages of my career as a Police Officer this trip was even more significant.
Being in my police departments Honor Guard Unit, we have been fortunate to have a chief who has committed to sending a group of us every year to represent our department and honor our fallen during this week. This year I was chosen to go.

If you don't know anything about National Police Week well take a quick stop here http://www.policeweek.org/ .

Well here you go....


Day 1 was a travel day and time to get prepared for the week. I got a chance to stop by the National Police Memorial, and made it just in time for the arrival of the Police Unity Tour. The Officers ride 300+ miles in 4 days arriving at the Memorial.

Day 2

Training with United States Army 3rd Infantry "The Old Guard" at Fort Meyer

Home of "The Old Guard"
Me with the team that travelled this year.

They put us to WORK!
They are UNLOADED....its a drill for precision.

 We trained with Charlie Company and they taught us with the same level of perfection that train daily.
One of our team members brother, a Major in the Air Force, is stationed at the Pentagon and we got a special tour from him. Now being that it is the Pentagon I have very little pictures.
This place is its own self contained city. They have their own police force, mall, restaurants, banks, doctors offices, pharmacy, etc. You name it they have it and there is no reason for you to leave the building.
We were told because of where we are going we are not to talk, take pictures, just listen and if you have questions you will be told when you can ask. The Pentagon is full of officers that run the United States Military so it is common to see Generals just walking around by themselves. One of the cool stories is that you know that you are on an important hall when it is decorated very ornately. While on one of these halls we were looking at all of the pictures and we were in an area were our tour guide was explaining the significance of this hall when this 4 Star General with an entourage of other ranking officers walks by then stops, tells his group to wait and approaches ours. He talks to us for a minute and shakes all of our hands. This man is General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, AKA the Worlds Most Powerful Person in Military Uniform. He took the time to say Hi and shake our hands. That says a lot about this man.
Below are the few pictures that I have and they are of the 9-11 Memorial at the Pentagon. The Memorial Chapel was built in the location where the plane struck on 9-11-2001.

Later that Night was the Candle Light Vigil
There was a threat of severe weather that caused a 2 hour delay, however that did not stop the massive gathering at the National Police Memorial. Cops from all over the WORLD gathered to honor those lost.
Jammed Packed
"The Thin Blue Line"


Our candles were lit from one representing our unity.
Day 3
In the morning was free time so a few of us hit the National Mall.

Look who flew over! Well good morning to you too Mr. President.

Photography is not allowed here. This has to be one of the most moving museums I have ever seen. If you think the Holocaust was fake, walk through these doors. They even have survivors that you come and talk to visitors daily.

The Library of Congress!!!

I have a friend that has worked for Capitol PD for 27+ years and he hooked us up with a personal tour of the Capitol Building. Again due to sensitive areas we could not take pictures every where in the building. But we got to see some pretty amazing things. I even got to sit on the House floor. Pretty amazing.

The Center of the District of Columbia


Back Room to the Chamber of the House

Got to go inside, I thought they were going to confiscate my camera for this picture!

From the Speaker's Balcony

Sen. Cornyn's Office

Then we broke off and went separate ways. Some wanted to rest some wanted to go do other things. I on the other hand wanted to see more of this wonderful city. All of the public buildings started to close so I took off on the streets. I was drawn to the sound of bag pipes. I kept following the sound and ended up back at the National Police Memorial, it was the Annual Emerald Society & Pipe Band March and Service.

In between the bands were Retro Police Cars!!!! I felt like a kid at a candy store. 



And then this shows up?!? FD at a police parade? One of the members from the host band from Lake County Indiana collapsed at the Memorial. Two officers from different parts of the country did what we do best, react. Come to find out both are also EMT's. While they were performing CPR, someone brought an AED and they were able to save a fellow officer. During this time the crowd was silent and after they got a pulse the crowed erupted. Yet what another amazing experience.
Day 4
The National Police Officer's Memorial Service

Who is this???

 Oh it's just the Vice President of the United States of America

The Honor Guards from Texas got together for the reading of the fallen from our Great State.

There I am.

These were just the highlights. This week was amazing! I have made some wonderful memories, trained with the best Honor Guard Unit in the world, honored heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice, bonded with fellow officers, and experienced the camaraderie of the Thin Blue Line.

The Banks Papa


Trip to Ruston, Part Two

When we woke up the next morning, we got to have a very intimate moment at our old church with our Ruston family. Brendan and I were both hours away from family when we were first married, so our church family REALLY did become our family. I loved being able to worship with them, and hear an AWESOME moving word, as always from our very dear friend, and pastor, Matt Slate.

(Oh, and thank you Kordsmeier family for providing us with a shower, and a place to change clothes after the rugby match! Sorry I left you guys out! LOVE YALL!!!)

So after we bid farewell to our church peeps, we headed out for lunch on Lake Claiborne at the Clawsons house. 

A little background on the Clawson family.. They too became our family. Like our mom and dad. Their son Dakota and I lifted together on the powerlifting team, and our first year at Nationals was actually on my birthday. I was having the WORST birthday ever, and Dr. Clawson went out and bought me a cake! It was so special. From then on, they kind of adopted us, and always made us feel SO SO loved! We woke up with a missed call from Dr. Pat asking if we were okay with "RIBS, BEANS, and PATATER SALAD" for lunch! Haha! Of course!!

Their house and landscape is my favorite. I could stay out here forever.

Literally the second we stepped out of the car, Mrs. Deb was in FULL grandma mode. She doesn't have any grandbabies yet, but that did not stop her! She is amazing! So amazing, that when she had gone in the house, I said to Brayden "She's pretty awesome, right?" and Brayden said "Yeah, more awesome than you" I will take that!

Lunch was still warming up for us, so she gave the boys a snack, and then made them some grilled cheese sandwiches. On texas toast might I add. Oh,with muenster cheese. She was winning.

Look how ooey gooey these sandwiches were... They were calling them "cheese noodles" so cute.

Dr. Pat gave Brevin a taste of some potato salad... 

Feeding the ducks..

Quick nap on the hammock...

I love this picture. If my boys have no shortage on one thing, that is people that absolutely adore them. I love that they get to make such sweet memories. 

They decided they wanted to go fishing, so Mrs. Deb started digging up her flower beds to find worms. (told ya she was awesome)

Dakota came, and we got to meet his gorgeous girlfriend, Nikki. Shame on me for not getting a picture! She's a doll!

Watching for Bald Eagles..

After a fun-filled day, and resisting the urge to stay the night, we had to get clean and head out. But not without getting adjusted first! First up, Brevy Mans!!

Dakota and the boys were having a pretty intense wrestling match..

Dr. Pat has adjusted all of our babies at this age! So sweet!

Oh yeah, mommy and daddy got adjusted too. Heaven.

We had an amazing time in Ruston, and we will be back to Lake Claiborne soon. So sad our trip was so short, but it was very good for the soul!

Trip to Ruston, Part One.

We headed out to Ruston on a very HOT Saturday morning! We had a couple of things to do, and people to see! The first, was The annual Louisiana Tech Rugby Alumni Game! It was hot, but it was worth seeing my man in those short rugby shorts! WHOOP! haha!

When Brendan and I started dating, he was at the end of his rugby days, so I never got to see him play. Boy is this game ROUGH!!

Ignore the awkwardness that is Brayden in the next two photos..

That guy running with the ball? My AHEM, almost 30 year old husband. YOU GO BABY!! The boys were so excited cheering him on!


The alumni ended up winning, I forgot the score.. but this was the current team running and giving high fives..

Shouting some chant they do!..

Brevy mans was asleep by now :) so daddy and his oldest 3.

Next, up, Thomas and Heather's housewarming Party!! We had an amazing time at their fiesta. I LOVE their house. But I love them more!! So glad we were able to make it for our friendsies!

Heather had unlimited slushies for the kids, so they were slushie drunk lol! It was so cool for them!

How much pain was Brendan already in by now? It may be evident a little in his smile. I think he wanted to die.. 

Me and my Heather McBailey! I love this girl! She is not just a fierce business woman, but shes an even better friend!

Her party decor was making me SWOON!

Oh yeah, and she had a taco truck ready to make our food to order. No big deal..

Of course she baked, duh. haha but her desserts never cease to amaze me, and make me eat like 17 of each things. WOAHMG!

She designed this house SO pretty! And I loved that she had "before" pics in each room. 

Her husband, and Brendans BFF, is also a cop. They both have these little cop stations. I just thought it was hilarious that his looked exactly like Brendans.

We had originally planned to stay in Shreveport, which would have sucked, because we probably would not have been able to make it to church, but we didn't know there was Hampton Inn in Ruston (we used my mom and dads Hilton points, thanks guys) So we got to stay in town! WHOO HOO!

We headed to bed, and were ready to spend the next day on the lake! Part two tomorrow!


My Granddaddys hands..

(Braxton and Granddaddys hands 5/21/14)

My Granddaddys hands.

They have seen hard work, and easy summer days.
They have maybe wanted to quit, but went on anyways.

They have witnessed opposition, rejection, and doubt.
They have molded children, inside and out.

They have cooked meals, brushed hair, changed clothes.
They have tied shoes, driven cars down the road.

They have chopped wood, brushed teeth, signed papers.
They have checked the mail, waved hi to the neighbors.

They have thrown balls, trimmed hedges, mopped floors.
They have checked for monsters, behind closet doors.

They have had important jobs, they have wiped tears.
But most of all, they have held me up for 26 years.

No matter where they go, or how far they are,
They are filled with more love, than there are stars.

The only thing that's better than them being there for me,
Is that they are here, for my boys to see.

My boys see compassion, they see joy, they see all things done with love.
They see my granddaddys hands, wrapping them in hugs.

His hands, his sweet hands are special to me,
I wish the whole world could be more like my granddaddy.


Braydens First Field Trip, Homestead Farms, Keller, TX

Brayden had his first field trip this week! I was so excited to be able to share this experience with him. Originally, when the letter was sent out, It said that only 2 parents per classroom were allowed to go the room mom, and one other parent that would be selected by a drawing at the next PTO meeting. I was so upset. Thank goodness I was picked, or I may have had a heart attack!

Brayden was very happy, and thought it was so cool that I could go. My granddaddy watched Breland and Braxton while I went with him (thanks Grandaddy)

After I got all checked in, the first two classes were in the hallways waiting for the bus. Mrs. Jonkers or Yonkers (not sure) was reading a book to keep them calm.

When Brayden saw me, he turned his hat backwards.. lol all of a sudden he was cool.

So the bus was late, and they started the quiet game. I had no idea that that game still worked for kids! I will have to utilize that at home from now on!! Azkay (Braydens very bestest friend) was picked first.. wonder who he chose next..

Azarel is Braydens other best bud.

All the teachers kept coming over to see Brevy mans. I didn't realize that I hadn't really brought him up to the school much. Everyone was so anxious to know what I was having when I was pregnant.. Well, here he is! This 4 month old, precious baby BOY!

And, yes, Azkay picked Brayden next...


Azkays outfit was cracking. me. up.

Friendships at this age mean SO much to me. I am still very best friends with two people I have known since I was seven, so I know that once a bond is started, it can last forever. (Love ya Kim and Ash)

The posse.




Homestead Farms is a farm in Keller, TX. This gave me farm fever. I cannot wait until we have our country house!

Headed to see the goats.

Our tour guide was explaining the process of milking the goats. I was praying that Brayden didn't blurt out that his mommy makes milk too. Good job, son.

 Milking a goat! 

Gracielas mom milking a goat. When they asked if I wanted to, I was like, nah bro, I milk myself everyday (ba dum chh) boob humor.

About to go feed the goats.

The other class passing by...

Ms. Rodriguez is the best. I didn't realize that she only speaks to them in spanish. All day, everyday. I guess it makes sense, but it's crazy that they all understand already. Brayden often starts speaking in spanish, and I have to bring him back to english. Funny. She is currently expecting, and said she didn't know if she would come back next year. I told her she didn't have to, and she could wait until Braxton starts in 2015 :)

Being on a farm was nothing new to Brayden, but he was still happy to answer all the questions that the lady asked. When he answered why pigs rolled around in the mud, without hesitating, she was a little surprised.

I want a baby goat!

Hay ride time!


This farm grows some of their produce hydroponically. One day I will do this!

Looking at the fish underneath..

Snack time! After we washed our hands of course. ICK.

Then it was time to leave! It was a cool little field trip! I cannot believe the Kindergarten school year is almost over!!


Braxtons 4th Birthday

We spent Braxton's birthday exactly how he wanted! I had been asking him for probably about a month what he wanted to do for his birthday, and if he wanted just family, or family and friends. He said that he just wanted family, and pizza! I was like, uh- heck yes, lets do it! Well, fast forward to one week before his birthday, and he tells me he wants a Thomas party with pizza..

I threw together a party quick! Didn't even send out invites! He was really making me sweat, but we pulled it off! Thank you so much to my sweet friend Melissa, who brought her camera, and took pictures for me!!! I was still a little sore from my c section, and was trying to take it easy, and she took that stress away from me. I love you sister! 

This was my first time attempting royal icing cookies! THEY ARE SO HARD TO MAKE! But I will keep practicing until I master this! I'm determined!

We made blue popcorn for favors :)

About the cake.. lol Thomas was very hard to draw and after wanting to just throw the entire cake in the trash, I just decided to let it be. Braxton loved it, and thats all that mattered to me!

I made us all matching shirts with iron-ons.. check out how chubbers I was. Gah!

Cutie- Kate!

Braxton and Anna-Kate are both the middle babies. Melissa has 3 girls, and their personalities are identical to my boys. So funny. These two luh-luh-LOVE each other! If Melissa stops by with out Anna Kate, Braxton is so sad!

Can't get enough of that smile!

The kids had pizza, and I made a salad bar for the adults.. Melissa must have tried some of everything on her plate! Haha! And my kids call her "auntie momo" hence the cup ;)

We took the majority of the boys' toys out of the playroom.. In order to prevent a full on toy explosion.. The kids had books and a few other things in there to play with..

At the end of the party, after all the presents were opened, Braxton stood in front of everyone, and so sweetly said "Thank you everyone for coming to my party" and everyone hooped and hollered for him. It made me cry, because Braxton is my personality twin, and I know just how much it meant to him for everybody to come out and spend his special day with him. Thank you guys for making his birthday so sweet and unforgettable! We had a happy, happy FOUR year old! Where does the time go?! Love you Braxton Robert!


Spring Break

Just catching up, on the blog tonight! I've got tons of posts coming soon! I'm so behind!! There will also be some very cool blog changes soon! Whoop!

We took a trip to Austin, TX for Spring Break this year! Brayden being in school has really cramped our traveling style, but we have learned how to work around it! We don't like to stay put for too long ;) My bonus mom (Mandy)s aunt Deborah (My step-aunt) hosted us! We were so grateful! It was the weekend of SXSW so hotels were THROUGH THE ROOF! She ended up having to go stay with her grandchildren that weekend so it was like we had our own little cottage to stay in for the weekend! Thanks Aunt Deb! 

The first night we just relaxed. Brendan had actually just flown in from being in Florida, working at a conference for 9 days! He needed some time to rest, and I needed some snuggles! I was exhausted because of handling the kids that long by myself, but what better way to decompress, than by traveling?

The next morning, we started off by going to Onion Creek Volkswagon, where our friend Kori, is their Barista. She actually got recruited to run their coffee shop just by being an awesome Barista at Starbucks. She loves our babies, and we love her! She made us DELICIOUS drinks, and made the kids hot chocolates. They adventured around the dealership for a while! It was so cool!!

Is this guy really mine? Mm mm good ;0

Kori has a special affection towards Braxton. It may be the hair connection. I hope his hair is as awesome as hers one day!

LOOK at that hair!

Bye Kori! Thanks for having us! Next we were headed to downtown Austin to tour the capital, and to go to our first Presidential Library. We plan to visit all of them before Brayden is out of high school. He LOVES presidents!!!

Very special moment for my husband. Every daddy wants his "boy" but this daddy got his clone. Brayden is just like Brendan, and it makes Brendans heart skip a beat when he sees Brayden indulging in what he loves. Brendan is all things history. I love my smart guys!

Buying his Presidential Passport! They stamp off each museum when you visit a new one!

THATS a happy boy!

One day, I'll look back at pictures, and realize that I spent roughly 5 years of my life breastfeeding. Totally worth it, and yes, I was nursing in a museum.

Brayden having a chat with LBJ

Next up was lunch, at an Italian place downtown. It was here that my camera died :( After lunch we toured the capital, where I had a major anxiety attack, because the boys kept sticking their heads through the railing, and I just couldn't handle it. It was a beautiful building, though, and I took a very special picture, that I will share one day, because it needs its very own blog post. Very special moment for my husband. Can't wait to see what God has in store for him!

This place had the BEST meatballs I have ever tasted! The restaurant was called Taverna.

The next day, we went and shopped a little bit at the outlet malls, and had lunch with one of my powerlifting buddies, Sandra, from Tech. I don't know where my camera was for all this, but we had a blast, and some DELICIOUS barbeque! Then afterwards, Kori, our barista friend, who is also an amazing photographer, took some family pictures of us at Mckinney Falls State Park! We had to rush from there to try to make it for the sunset at The Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Again, didn't have my camera. We headed back to Aunt Debs full, and happy. We had a great time. We got up the next day and loaded up and headed back to Aggtown. Thank you, Austin for showing us a good time. We'll be back!

The rest of the week was spent going to see the LEGO movie (best movie EVER).. and going to the Perot Museum in Dallas. We had planned to go to Six Flags, but we got rained out! Looking forward to Spring Break next year!


My day, in a poem.

Alarm goes off. It's 6 am.
Snooze, just once. Don't sleep in.
Wake up, shake it off. Get the kid dressed, let's move.
Make his lunch, fix his breakfast, brush his hair, tie his shoes. 

Grab your water, your towel, your headphones, change the baby.
Drop him off, go workout, you've got 1 hour, maybe.
Stop at the store, get some milk, eggs, and bread.
Wake the kids up, feed them, clean the kitchen, make their beds.

Brush their teeth, wash their face, change their clothes, do their hair.
Do their lesson, sing a song, go outside, get some air.
Rotate laundry, nurse the baby, try to shower, maybe rest.
Make snacks, clean the table, sweep the floor, bless the mess.

Wake up husband, he needs food, make lunch, time for nap.
Give him the baby, close the door, close your eyes, ASAP!
Yawn, they're awake, break is over, back to life.
Cut up fruit, feed the infant, cuddle hubby, be a wife.

Someones crying, see what's wrong, kiss the ouchie, hug him tight.
Hang up clothes, clean the bathroom, rock the baby, prep dinner for tonight.
Maybe chicken, or turkey, or beef, or spaghetti.
Or takeout, oh, Chinese! Little Caesars hot and ready.

Send him to work, grab some water, the bat bag, the cleats.
Go to practice, stay in car, catch some z's, time to eat.
Pick up pizza, make some cookies, clean the crumbs, put them in shower.
Wash their hair, put on their PJs, bedtime still isn't for an hour.

Have them clean, read some books, brush their teeth, say their prayers,
Tuck them in, swaddle baby, rock him to sleep, wrap your hair.
Have a snack, watch a movie, read a book, relax your mind.
Update blog, answer texts, get comfy, unwind.

Someones crying, check him out, take him potty, put him back to sleep.
Turn lights out, set alarm, check the kids, get off your feet.
Say your prayers, count your blessings, Thank God, say Amen.
Get in bed, close your eyes, In six hours you start again.

Every single day with these guys is worth it.


A Great Wolf Birthday

For Braydens 6th Birthday, we decided it would be cool do use the money we would to throw him a party, to do something fun just for him! We wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday last year but it was just way too expensive! When we looked then, it was at least 200$ a night, with a minimum of a two night stay! WHAT?!! When I brought the idea back up, I went to look at prices again, and they were the same, but you could stay for one night, AND they sent me a coupon code!!

We decided to stay one night, and one day. After you check out at 12pm, you can stay the entire day until 9 pm!! So incredibly cool! We also found out that if you are a guest, you can allow people on your guest list to come visit the resort for 40$ per person, and they don't have to get a room! We invited my little brother and sister, and even Grandnana came out to play! We had a blast!

Sydney with her nephews. We all pulled up at the same time!

Jaxon, my toothless brother ;)

Notice the change in expression? This is after they SAW the water park!

We ended up upgrading our room for 30$ more, to get a little "kid kamp" suite! It was super cute!! The kids loved having their own little space away from mommy and daddy!

Yes, it says "Brayde" the "N" candle broke. The theme for this birthday was obviously SUPER MARIO! Brayden is obsessed with him right now. I made this cake in about 4 hours. Brayden loved it!

 Time to SWIM!

Brevin also had a lifeguard onesie on that was actually Braydens as a baby, from Hawaii :) Thanks Tia Melissa!

 After we swam, we all started to get hungry, so we ordered pizza from the pizza place inside the resort and went back to the room to sing happy birthday and eat!

Mimi, Jax, and Brevy

He needed some kind of decoration ;)

the kiddos

Sydney peeping out of the kids kamp

The teens.

Alas, the pizza is here! Daddy was mad about the wait, if you can't tell...

Haaappppyy Biiirrrtthhhddaayyy!

My sessy mans!

After everybody left, we opened gifts from the family. Brayden loves maps, presidents, and states, so we loaded him up with all of the above. We also got him his first Magic Tree House chapter book! He had to start reading it right away!

After cake settled, we headed out to conquer everything on Braydens paw pass. This was the best thing ever! It allowed him to get a chance to do something in every single part of the resort! It was 75$ but everything added up came to over 200$ This made him feel super special! I started to feel bad that Braxton didn't have one, and right when Brendan saw that look in my eyes, he reminded me that we were here for Brayden, so it was his turn to get spoiled. 

One of the things on the paw pass was a wand and Magi quest game. It was so much fun, we were running up and down stairs looking for treasure and hidden pictures, and we actually ended up asking other parents along the way for help! It was fun!

Brevin was just chillin!

Braydens paw pass also included a free scoop of ice cream, so we got his, and we all indulged as well!

He also got free wolf ears.

Looking for all the clues

The crystal is one of the things in Magi quest, when you waved your wand over it, it would say whatever your next thing was.. tried to get a picture but Mr. 6 year old was moving too fast.

Also included, was a build a bear..they have a different name for it, but It came with that, and a free outfit! Brayden loved that the most!

View from our room. The outside part was closed because it was raining.. The next morning, we had breakfast at their breakfast buffet, and then swam more. We went back to the room for lunch, ate, packed up, and checked out, then went to finish the Magi quest game and the Paw Pass.

Color your own t-shirt, yep, included in the paw pass. Told ya it was awesome!

Daddy was thrilled about sitting in the kids club to color! HA!

He got arcade points(on the paw pass) so we bought some for the boys too. Boys...arcades...need I say more?

Then, before we left, MORE SWIMMING! We had so much fun going down waterslides. My throat was sore from screaming! Brayden thought it was hilarious when I yelled.

Braxton decided to stick to the kid waterslides, even though his fro made him tall enough to ride the big ones. He tried one big one with daddy and Brayden, but decided that was enough.

Brevin was like...zzzzz

Time to go!

One last thing, was his glitter tattoo. They advised us to wait until we were done swimming for him to get it! He chose the wolf, with Blue glitter.

Paw Pass, DONE!

We had an amazing time, and Brayden was very ecstatic! We spent about what we would on a party, and it was stress free! We slept the whole day after, but it was a great way to celebrate our 6 year old! Happy Birthday Brayden!


Easter Weekend

It has been over 2 MONTHS since I blogged?!! Our poor laptops crashed on us :( It was so very long overdue. Thank goodness we have amazing friends in the IT business. I have a brand new rebuilt desktop full of memory for my tons of pictures and I'm ready to dive back in to my blog! If you need any computer help, work, website design, or anything please use our friend Esteban at Blancoitconsulting.com or blancoit.com you can also follow him on facebook and twitter @blancoit (shameless plug)

Now, WHOO! We. Made. It. Through. April. I know April isn't over, but April is worse than thanksgiving and Christmas for us. We've got 3 birthdays and Easter. I always try to think that it wont be that busy and that we can fit other things into our life, but I really am just lying to myself!!! Brendan and I both had awesome birthdays. We are getting OOLLDDD. And our sweet Brayden turned 6 yesterday. SIIXX!! My computers were down for Braxtons bday so I will have to make up his birthday blog post. We chose to spend the money we would use on a birthday party for Brayden and go to an indoor waterpark/resort for his birthday. Best decision we ever made. It was amazing, and so amazing, that it deserves its own blog post. Now, I know I have had so many blogging projects, and I usually never finish them. It's just because I'm so awesome. HA! I plan to have our Disney posts finished before we go back in September, as well as my tips. Sometimes its hard to sit down and blog when I've been corralling wild animals all day. I mean, precious, sweet little angels ;)

So, lets pick up with some fun pics! We spent Saturday half the day lounging around, and my friend Amber asked us if we wanted to go easter egg hunting with them. It was later in the day, so we were like sure! We had fun! It was a bit crowded, but all in all the kids had a blast, AND they gave out free chic-fil-a after the hunts were over. SAY WHAT?! Here are some pictures! Thank you Curry Fam for always inviting us to do fun things!

First of all, can we just talk about how handsome these baby boys are? Now that that's established, we may proceed..

daddy and his baby..he never puts this kid down. NEVER.

After the kids ate, they immediately turned into NINJAS!

I missed Braydens EPIC ninja kick!

I hope everyone had a fab Easter! Great Wolf Lodge Post coming up Next!


Our first official video blog

So, I'm going to blog more, there will be a lot of changes on our little family site, And even some video blogs. I got Brendan to join me in our first official one.. It's pretty self explanatory, and sorry it's 20 minutes long, we will do better next time! Enjoy!!


My husband. That guy

My husband. That guy. I knew after we were a "thing" for a while, that I had found the one I wanted to marry. I was just 18 then, I don't even know if I knew what being married was even about, but I knew that if it had anything to do with being with him forever, that I was down.

Through downs, and way more ups, we have learned each other. In and out, forwards and backwards.. The good, the bad, the VERY UGLY. It's been a journey. We will be married for 6 years in two weeks. And, yes, in those 6 years, we have had 4 children, moved about umpteen times, bought 4 cars, changed careers (me 17 times, Brendan once), got 3 cats, 1 dog, bought a house.. We've done alot. We've been BUSY. Sometimes I look back,and I'm like, weren't we just like broke college students? What happened? What is life?

All these experiences, in what some would call a short amount of time, have brought us closer together, in so many ways. There are moments when I don't know what I want, but Brendan can tell me what it is. Sometimes I say what's about to come out of his mouth before he can even open it... I'm getting to a point, I promise..

After I had Brayden, I looked at Brendan in the eyes and I was prepared to beg for him to let me stay home forever with our babies. I only asked him once, and he promised me that I would never ever have to work, unless we were on the brink of financial disaster. He even promised me all this with a smile, and told me how cool it would be if I were a stay at home mom.

Those first few months were rough. He'd come home, and I'd barely have hamburger helper made, Brayden would be screaming, I'd be in sweatpants, probably crying, and he wouldn't say a word. He would come in and save the day. With a baby in one hand, he would vacuum, or put dishes away, or even finish dinner for me. He would run me a bath, and tell me to go relax. I would drift off in the bathtub, listening to him sing our son a sweet lullaby. I remember thinking in those moments "How could he possibly get any better?"

Fast forward, and although my abilities as a mother have increased exponentially, my superman still sometimes has to come in and save the day. Now it's just more babies, more mess, and I've upgraded to yoga pants, and a glass of wine next to the tub...

My husband was born with this ability to excel at anything he puts his mind to. I don't know how, I would never question why, except for why I don't have it... but it is what I admire in him most. He isn't just a good husband because that's what he's "supposed to do." He is a good husband, because he made it up in his mind that he would be, before he even proposed marriage to me. The same with him being a father, a friend, a son, a sibling, a co worker, a Christ-follower. He puts forth his best effort. Always.

When we had to have an emergency c-section, our world was turned upside down. We just did not plan for that at all. It wasn't even a thought. He made this experience the best of my life. Before I was even conscious, he had already gotten people together to have meals prepared, got someone to come and clean our house, and even redid our monthly budgets, to see how many weeks he could take off of work with regular pay (minus overtime) before we had to go into our savings. This guy, I tell ya. 

When I got home from the hospital, all I had to worry about was me and Brevin. I have had the hardest time getting back into the swing of things, because I have been so spoiled. He cooked, cleaned, fed the kids, bathed them, dressed them, oh, he kept the house SPOTLESS. I mean, come on, I keep the house decent, but I swear I would look around and things would be sparkling.. I'm like.. what the?...

On top of that, he has kept up with all his other jobs.. outside of the home. I sit here now thinking about all those years ago, when I couldn't imagine him being more than he was then, and I thank God that I could not. He is more than I could have ever imagined. Not only am I blessed to have such a hard working, dedicated, never complaining man of God, but our boys get that as FATHER!! I am so thankful that God chose me to be his wife, and I cannot imagine him getting any better than he is now.. only time will tell :)

As I prepare to relieve him of the new duties he has acquired these last 5 weeks, I'm just hoping the kids don't ask why daddy can't stay at home. Hopefully my cooking will win them over..

I love you Brendan James.


Brevins Birth Story, Part 3

I wake up again.
I see Teree.
Ugh. Again. The pain. Why am I having contractions? "Are they giving me pitocin?" I ask Teree. "Surely not" she says. (We speak in fluent sarcasm) Upon further examination, we see that I am indeed getting pumped full of pitocin. I am LIVID. Not only do I have the unbearable pain, but I am also being forced to contract. Why? JUST WHY? A nurse comes in.. I think it was shift change.. I ask her why I have pitocin, and she says "After you have a baby, your uterus needs to..." I cut her off. "Yes, this is my fourth baby, I know that I need to contract to make my uterus go back to size" "Then why are you asking me?" she says.

I roll my eyes. I don't have enough energy to fight. "I just wanted to know because it hurts so bad, and I am already in so much pain." She nods, and leaves. Another nurse comes in, and tells me its time to move rooms. Brendan is already in my postpartum room waiting on me. She does some things below with my incision, and then asks me to roll on my side so she can bind my belly. Again. Torture. I just had never felt that level of pain ever in my life. I get moved upstairs, and It's around 10 pm by now. Brendan needs to go home and pack our bags to bring back to the hospital. He is waiting on my friend Meghan to relieve him.

I am still so out of it, that I really don't remember much besides talking to her, and falling asleep mid sentence.. I remember her joking about recording me, and asking her for a barf bag because I felt like I was going to throw up. I was miserable, and I still hadn't seen my baby. Brendan and her went down and facetimed me, so I could see him, and I could barely even stay awake to look at my son.

After Meghan had come and gone, and Brendan was back, the floor supervisor came to make her rounds. I asked her when I could go see my baby, and she said first thing when I woke up "in the morning" so, naturally, I was like, soooo if I wake up at 4 am?! She laughs and says that she will come and get me then. Before Brendan went to sleep, he was like, "Ookay, so what are we going to name this baby?" We go through our names, and decide we still love Brevin. But middle names? "Brevin Curtis" I say. "Nah, what about Curtis' middle name, Leon? Brevin Leon?" "I LOVE IT!!!" I said. He goes to bed, while I then try to get some sleep but I'm too anxious. I drift off, try to reply to a few texts.. but it's hard to focus on anything too long. I'm starving, so I ask for crackers. I eat them, then I call the nurse at 4:29 am and tell her I'm ready.

She comes and brings the wheelchair, and then it hit me that I had to actually GET UP. I really wanted to tell her I could wait, but I HAD NOT SEEN MY BABY!!! She instructs me on how to get out of bed. "Swing one leg over, then the other, then sit up" I can't. i just can't. I can't sit up. She helps me, and then tells me to put my feet on the ground, and push from my feet, and stand up. I do it, I cry, but I am determined to get down to the NICU. I push my morphine button repeatedly, and still get no relief. Finally we get down to the NICU. She rolls me to Brevins bed. 

There is something about first meeting your baby. It's like everything that ever mattered, just doesn't. All you care about is that tiny little human that you are looking at. My heart broke into pieces. He was hooked up to so many monitors, and wires, and tubes. WHY? Was he sick? I immediately began asking questions. The nurse snapped right away, and told me that he would be in the NICU for at least a week. I looked her in the eye, and said "Do not speak negativity over my baby. He will leave with us. He will be out of here on Sunday." she then keeps talking about how she has to call the doctor to see about his oxygen, so she wheels me just close enough to barely touch his hand.

I am defeated. I'm helpless, sitting here, I can't move, I can't pick him up. I don't know what's going on, and I don't even know if he will go home with us. How did this happen, and WHY is it happening to me? As I start to cry, Brevin gives my finger a tiny squeeze. I sob, but now because I know that everything will be okay. I pray and ask God to heal him, and do whatever needs to be done to let us take our son home with us.. As soon as I am done praying, another nurse comes over and asks where Brevin's nurse went. I tell her I don't know, and she says "Well, the doctor says his oxygen levels look great, so we can go ahead and get that off of him" My eyes fill up with tears, and she just smiles.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Brevins nurse comes back, and I tell her I'm ready for skin to skin. She then says "Well, I have to get this oxygen off, and then change his diaper, and take his temperature" I give her a look, like, well get MOVING! The moment she handed that sweet tiny little boy to me, my heart melted. I didn't hear what she said about anything as she gave him to me. I laid him on my chest, and felt his little heart beat. I called him by his name, and sang his song that I sing to all my boys. He curled up on me, and we stayed that way until I had to go back upstairs. Every time I had to leave him it hurt me bad. But, I never doubted that my baby would be okay. And sure enough, he came home with us, after just 4 days in the NICU.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the prayers, gifts, support, and oh my gosh, everything. We are so loved, and so is our sweet baby boy!!!