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Snapshot Saturday

A very THOMAS birthday

After Braxton's birthday party, Brayden kept telling us that he did NOT want a birthday party. All he wanted to do was to see Thomas and his friends. Little did he know, Thomas would be visiting Grapevine vintage railroad on the day of his birthday. When he woke up, we had the hallways full of balloons! Here are pictures of his special day. We had a great time. Thanks to all our family and friends who has to almost dedicate every weekend in April to us, and our birthdays! We love yall!!


 Brayden and his BFF, his granddaddy :)

 Thomas is HERE?!
 Over the moon..
He is determined to patent an NFL baby carrier :/

 The conductor said "I better not go on FACEBOOK" haha
Tight Squeeze on the train..
 Mimi, and Jack Jack

If yall only knew how much this kid loves trains!

 Me and my sister stayed up making these cupcakes. Worth it! Brayden loved them!!

Brelands BFF, Mr. Brock-E-Brock. So handsome.

 Oh uncle Chad..

-The Banks Mama

Snapshot Saturday

I would like to start a weekly post called "Snapshot Saturday" I haven't figured out how to make links yet so you can link your own blog, so for now, if you would like, just leave the link your blog in my comments. I look forward to seeing your sweet snapshots!!

Maybe he thought we were going on vacation?
The progression of Braydens smile..



Just Chillin with my bro



The kid loves to eat, and his Ellie

Mommy, I'm on the Jolly Roger!

Yo ho ho!

sweet boy
Eating, what I do best.

my shadow. cool, minus the ruffles that make me look deformed!

My handsome Husband, aka the reason I keep having babies. Yum.

Me- EW. Hubby thinks I'm beautiful!

Front of our house. We love our bulldogs!
If you haven't heard, Hundsley got into a fight. With two cats. And lost. Miserably.. Here is her swollen face the next day. Poor girl.

And sweet baby Breland, who was sleeping inside :) Love that face.

Hope you enjoyed!

-The Banks Mama!