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As you should all know, my oldest son Brayden is 4, going on 47.
I learn so much from that kid, it's rediculous.
Today, while he was watching Sid the science kid, Brendan asked him what he was doing, and his response was, "Nothing, learning about inertia"
We were both like whaaa?? What 4 year old says that? Well, ours, apparantely.
As I mentioned before, I started to take sort of a break from life.
I wanted to stop, focus, and LISTEN to what God wanted me to hear.
I think it's overwhelmingly crazy how he makes little hints from time to time.
After laughing at Brayden, I thought to myself, "what is inertia?"
It just wasn't a term that I was completely familiar with.
So, I went to my all time favorite site,, and looked up the definition.


[in-ur-shuh, ih-nur-]  
1. inertness, especially with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness.
2. Physics.
a. the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force. analogous property of a force: electric inertia.
3. Medicine/Medical . lack of activity, especially as applied to a uterus during childbirth when its contractions have decreased or stopped.
I don't know about ya'll, but this girl right here was in tears after reading a definition off of the internet.
I feel like at this precise time, at that exact moment, God was explaining what I had been doing up to the point that I decided to STOP and LISTEN.
I was just moving along a straight line, and GOD was my external force!
HELLO?!! I don't know if ya'll heard me... 
I was applying no effort, motion, or action. 
My devotion to Christ was inactive, sluggish.
I kept saying, how I wanted to read the bible more, I wanted to know what I was supposed to be doing, what I was here on this Earth for, but ACTIVELY did NOTHING.
He became that external force, that knocked me off that straight line, and said LISTEN TO ME!!!!
Thank you God, for being the external force in my life. Thank you for knocking me off that path when I have been moving down it for far too long. I have realized things, learned more about myself, and others around me, I have been a better mother to my children, a better wife to my husband, and a better person overall.
I have learned/ am learning, that if I just STOP, get off that straight line, and LISTEN to him, he will tell me what I need to hear!!!
With all that being said, This has by far been the most exciting month of my life. I wish I could share my news, but, you will all just have to be patient, and wait.
And no, I'm NOT pregnant. When I told my 70 year old aunt that I had exciting news today, she grabbed her chest, like she was going to have a heart attack! I was like, Aunt Merle, Im not pregnant!!! haha!!
Thank you all for praying for me, I know it has helped me tremendously, and please don't stop!!
Stay Tuned :)


I am my brothers keeper

Yesterday was my baby brudders 20TH birthday. Yes, that's right, he's 20!!

I can't believe it's been 20 years since my bubba was born!
Since I am the queen of spontaneity, I text him and told him we were getting tattoos.

So after he got off, we dropped the kids off at the grandparents house, and went and got tattoos!

The lady that was doing mine asked what made us do this, and if we were "close"
That really made me reflect on growing up with him! I can remember us playing games we made up, like "don't step on the white" we would put pillows and blankets all around the living room floor, and hop off the couch onto the pillows. It was SO much fun!

We grew up in a house with so much weirdness. We are just all weird, we were always singing and dancing to musicals, dressing up, playing hide and go seek in the dark, and sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags.

I love my Wesley! As we've gotten older, we haven't strayed at all. I think if I weren't married with kids, I know we'd be roommates. He loves his nephews, and his nephews love their Bubba.

I was so happy while I was getting my tattoo, just thinking about how much I loved him. I am my brothers keeper!

I didnt take a pic last night, so here is one from today. I love it!

 Happy Birthday to my Brother!!! Oh, and ain't he handsome?!!!



Hey yall!
If you read my last post, you know that I am currently on a "spiritual cleanse" as I have been calling it.
I am in a state of deep concentration. What am I concentrating on? Many things. As I move through different phases in this journey, I figured I would share, so you all could know whats going on, and most of all, so you can pray for me.
The first phase, is something that bothers me internally the most.
That is, how I impact people.
When I say people, I mean everyone.
Anyone who I have interaction with.
First, it would of course, be God.
How would I impact Him?
The way it goes in my mind, is that every moment of everyday, I should be impacting Him, in such a way, that I make him smile inside. I know, that even when I do wrong, he still loves me, but I would personally like to think that my actions make him smile. Does that make sense?
For Example, I have NO patience. When I say none, I mean NONE.
I believe that HE gives me certain challenges, with the expectation that I will handle them in the way that is most pleasing to Him.
So, since I've started this quest, with every situation, I conciously think about how I should handle it.
Today, and yesterday, My tummy has been very upset. I have been having trouble eating. I went to bed early last night, and woke up early this morning because my stomach was in knots. As a mom, and a wife, I can't ever afford to be sick. My family, from the youngest cub, to Daddy Bear, DEPEND on me. When I am down and out, it inconviences everyone. Usually, I would be in a bad mood, because I know that I would not be able to do what everyone needed of me today.
So, before everyone woke up this morning, I got up, had some hot water, with lemon and honey, went out and sat on my back porch, and sought His face. I prayed for guidance, for patience, and for strength. This may seem a bit much for a tummy ache, but, I don't believe it is. I don't know many verses by memory, but Proverbs 3 is engrained in me!

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
I think that just that extra 30 minutes I took today, to ask him how I could be the best, when I didn't feel the best, to give my family the best, made a world of a difference.
I decided today, after meditation and prayer, that I would do foods that were easy on my tummy. Brendan didn't have to be at work until 7 pm tonight, so I knew that even though I didn't feel well, He needed to sleep in more than I did. I fed the kids breakfast (which happened to be pineapple upside down cake) and sent them on their way.
When hubs woke up, I explained to him how I felt, and he immediately took charge. I fell back asleep, and he took over. The only thing I had to do was nurse Breland, which, I'm sure if he could, he would have.
Call me crazy, but it's little things like this, that I think make my Savior smile. Things as small as a tummyache. Little extra steps, to think about how to make the best out of any situation. I think I impacted him today, in a positive way. He knows that even though I didn't feel my best, I didn't take it out on my husband, or my kids. I patiently waited for hubs to wake up, I showed restraint when it came to eating. I was starving today, but I knew that I needed to only eat what wouldn't upset my tummy more. And yall know I love food.
 I feel that this tiny act today, showed Him that yes, even in the smallest situations, I know if I seek him first, everything will fall in place.
That is how I impacted the Kingdom today.
How will you impact Him? Will you seek Him in everything?

Stay tuned for guest posts, and more posts about my journey. Please keep me in your prayers!


Haiiiii, my blog readers, my friends,my family. Can I tell you whats on my mind today?
Today, I am disheartened.
As I was going down my to-do list, I started thinking, about my bigger to do list.
There are so many things I want to accomplish, and I have yet to do them.
I have this grand vision of how I want my life to be, but it's not there..
I'm not complaining, I love my life!
There are just some things I want to do.
I want to be like this super awesome blogger, crazy good photographer, excellent graphic designer, perfect mom, stupendous wife, great chef, and to be organized with all that!
Sounds like a lot, huh? I find that with me, I can do ONE thing, really well, but the more I add, the more I slack off on other things. I know I joke about not knowing what I want to be when I grow up, but now, I want to know.
I find myself praying for direction alot more these days, than I have before. One thing that God has made clear, is that I can do whatever my heart desires.
Where am I going with this?..
I won't be blogging/facebooking for a while. I'm going to take sort of a sabbatical from distractions. I am going to focus, on one thing at a time, until I feel like I'm not going around in circles!
I would really appreciate words of encouragement, and I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I start this journey.
If you want to stay up with the blog, please subscribe via email, as I will have some of my blogging buddies do some guest posts. Maybe even my husband will post!
If you feel so compelled, please leave me a comment, with any encouragement that you may have for me.
SO, as Pooh says, TTFN! Ta-Ta for now! 


I couldn't imagine my life without...

I couldn't imagine my life without...

My [handsome] husband, duh.
Mommy scares
Sippy cups.
 Dirty socks.
 Dump Trucks.
 Hand-me-down tennis shoes (and mismatched socks)
 Sleepy eyes.
 Spit up.
 Unruly curls

 Top knots.
 [Homemade]Baby food.

To-do lists.
 Baby Gates.
Potty Training.
 Bicycles. [and cool shades]
 Family walks.
 Monkey boys.
 Boobage. aka breastfeeding. aka human cow.

Weenie dawgs.

Sweet boys.

Baby giggles.

What couldn't you imagine your life without?

And the award goes to...

I would like to thank you all for coming out tonight, we have had many candidates, but one mom has surpassed these other women. Tonight, the winner is... JAALISA BANKS!!
Yeah, yall. I did it. I dropped my baby. I was standing up, and I went to wipe the spit up from around his mouth, and he fell backwards out of my arms. It happened in a SPLIT second. My heart broke into a billion pieces when my baby started to cry. I rocked him, and apologized, and kissed him, and hugged him.

As I rubbed his head, I felt a little knot forming. We were at my grandparents house, so my grandma made me a little ice bag, and rubbed it on his knot. It was huge now! I worried, and panicked, you know, what I do best, and asked my grandma if I should take him to the hospital...

Yes, I had already decided he had a concussion.
I pictured him losing all his motor skills, and having to be fed through a tube.
I saw CPS showing up at my door, taking my kids away for child abuse.
Or, having a parent teacher conference.. "I am having some concerns about Breland in my class...was he dropped on his head as baby?"
I saw tabloids "President Banks refuses to release medical records. (Anonymous sources say his mother was abusive, starting at age 6 months)"

I called my aunt Merle, who is a nurse, and asked her what I should do. She said to go ahead and take him. I put him in his car seat, all the while worried that he would fall into a coma on the way to the hospital. Well, he stopped my worrying, when as soon as I strapped him in, he started to scream.

I called Brendan, who was in Crowley working a case, and told him what had happened. Now, if you know anything about my hubs, you know that our children have to borderline be on their deathbed to even go to the doctor. I was praying that he wouldn't question why I was taking him, or tell me to just meet him somewhere so he could check him. He couldn't really hear me through Brelands shrieks, and I was getting frustrated. After telling him I would call him when I got there, he text me "A patrol car is bringing me, I will meet you there"

I cried, because I was scared, and I cried because I needed my man there with me. He is my rock. We got to the hospital, and as I filled out paperwork, a the registration lady says "You got medicaid?" I said,no.. In return she says, oh, and crosses out somewhere she had me initial. REALLY lady??!!!

Anyways, after that, we sat down, and waited. Nurses kept coming to see Breland, and kept saying how CUTE he was, and that he looked okay. We were called back to a room, and then in came my superman, in his bulletproof vest, looking like an FBI agent. He scooped Breland up, and hugged and kissed him, then asked me if I was okay.. After Breland smiled at him, he winked at me, letting me know everything was going to be all right. He then said, "Its okay, it's not your fault, accidents happen"

Yeah, they do, but I still felt so TERRIBLE!! Our nurse then told us that her baby got her first cat scan at 6 months, so I shouldn't feel bad. I still did. Finally, after waiting, the doctor came in right as I was finishing nursing Breland. He checked him out and said everything looked fine, but that he was going to order a cat scan, to make sure. The nurse came in, and asked which parent was going. I stood up, but then she said, "well, we usually take dad, in case mom might be pregnant." ..whatever dude. So, hubs went, and was back in five minutes. Breland was clearly not happy about what had just went down.

The nurse brought us some warm blankets, and said it would be 45 minutes for the results, so she dimmed the lights, and I nursed and rocked my sweet boy to sleep. Poor Brendan at this point, had almost been awake for 24 hours. He dozed off too, and I just held Breland and thanked God for everything being okay. Doc came back, said results were normal, and after paying our 100.00 copay, and probably meeting our deductible, we were sent home. But, with a healthy baby. That's all that mattered!!

After a good nights rest, Breland is fine, he slept with us, and he woke up this morning just as happy as can be.... Let me let him explain it..

So, tonight, I accept the award for worst mother of the year. I would like to first, thank God, because your grace is everlasting. And secondly, my husband, because without you, I'd be lost. And last, all of my family, and friends, for your support.


Welcome to my house..

Welcome to my house,
Where manners are a must.
Where noise is at a maximum,
Where the toilet seat is always up.

Welcome to my crib,
Where we may not have on clothes.
Or we may be in our pajamas,
Or still in our robes.

Welcome to my jungle,
Where little bear cubs run amuck,
The middle one scavenges for food,
While the oldest organizes his trucks.

Welcome to mi casa,
Where my boobs are always out.
Where a baby is probably latched,
Where there's spit-up on the couch.

Welcome to my chaos,
Where there's almost always confusion,
Where mommy is sometimes crying,
Wondering if this is the day she'll get put in an institution.

Welcome to my dungeon,
Where I ruin my kids lives.
Where I make them eat their veggies,
When they'd rather have burgers and fries.

Welcome to my sanctuary,
Where Christ always comes first.
Where we pray before everything,
Where we thank God, even when things are at their worst.

Welcome to my house,
Where we welcome you,
Just bring mommy something,
Like a margarita or two.

-The Banks Mama


Just a glimpse of my silly family.. and my sister makes a cameo :)

-The Banks Mama

A very THOMAS birthday

After Braxton's birthday party, Brayden kept telling us that he did NOT want a birthday party. All he wanted to do was to see Thomas and his friends. Little did he know, Thomas would be visiting Grapevine vintage railroad on the day of his birthday. When he woke up, we had the hallways full of balloons! Here are pictures of his special day. We had a great time. Thanks to all our family and friends who has to almost dedicate every weekend in April to us, and our birthdays! We love yall!!


 Brayden and his BFF, his granddaddy :)

 Thomas is HERE?!
 Over the moon..
He is determined to patent an NFL baby carrier :/

 The conductor said "I better not go on FACEBOOK" haha
Tight Squeeze on the train..
 Mimi, and Jack Jack

If yall only knew how much this kid loves trains!

 Me and my sister stayed up making these cupcakes. Worth it! Brayden loved them!!

Brelands BFF, Mr. Brock-E-Brock. So handsome.

 Oh uncle Chad..

-The Banks Mama

Just one of those days...

Ever had one of those days where you just wanted to throw in the towel? Let me tell ya, today was one of those days. I just wanted to say, REALLY? THIS IS HOW ITS GONNA BE?!!

It was just one thing, after another, after another.

Sometimes, when in the midst of a storm, it's hard to see a way out. I know I am the WORST with foretelling my own fate.

Example: Brayden falls off the bed, and hits his head. Before he lets out his first cry, I've already given him a concussion, with trauma to the brain, and declared that he will never be able to ever bump his head again or he will die instantly...

Or if Brendan doesn't reply to a text fast enough, or answer his phone.. I've already pictured Brendan's corporal showing up at our house to tell me the unfortunate news about him being killed in the line of duty, while rescuing orphans from a burning building during a tornado...

Crazy, huh?

Psalm 112:6-8 says 

Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever. 

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end they will look in triumph on their foes.
My foe? Lately has been fear. Why I let it consume me, I don't understand. Some days are good, some days are not so good. Today- not so good. 
I find that God always finds a way to make humor out of certain situations, in such a way, that I KNOW it is Him..
Today, as we do every Wednesday, we went to drop Brayden off at AWANA. As usual, we had Hundsley with us, because while he is at AWANA, the kids and I go to my grandparents house, and eat dinner, and watch American Idol. Hundsley has a play date with my grandmas dog, Pierre. Well, I got out of the car, left it running, with Braxton, Breland, and Hundsley still inside as I ran Brayden in, and ran right back out.I get to the car, the car is locked. The CAR is LOCKED. With my kids inside. RUNNING, on EMPTY. (sh, don't tell Brendan, I didn't have time to get gas) So, I immediately went into normal Jaalisa panic mode.
Brelands going to starve.
Braxton's going to freak out, and be scarred for life.
He'll never want to ride in the car again.
Oh my gosh, what will people think?
I left my kids in the car for 15 seconds.
I'm a terrible mom.
Someone could have driven off with them.
I'm going to be on the news.
Great, and they will interview Brendan at work.
I'll have to join a prison gang.
And learn to play poker so I can win cigarettes.
I'll have to start smoking to look tough. 
I'll get lung cancer.
I'll die in prison.
My headstone will say: Daughter, wife, sister, TERRIBLE mom.
As I'm thinking all this, I notice a guy we used to have bible study with is standing next to my car. I told him what I did, and he laughed, and said his wife had done the same thing, many a times. He lets me use his phone to call Brendan.
As he walks me to my car, Hundsley comes up to the door, and starts barking at him. Then it clicked! HUNDSLEY locked the doors!! She likes to get in the front seat when I get out, and she must have stepped on the lock button! Before I could even finish that sentence, the sweet guy was trying to aggravate Hundsley even more so she would step on the button again! It worked!!
I jerked the door open, gave him a heck of a high five, promised to name my fourth born after him, and drove to the gas station. While there, I was talking to my twin, and we both just had to laugh at the way God reassured me that once again, like always, he had my back.
It's something that I should know. That I DO know, but still sometimes it manages to slip away. I love that God knows me better than I know myself, and He knows how to make me snap back into reality, and leave me in a place where all I can do is thank Him, even when I've had the worst day.

Thank you, for knowing that sometimes for a second, I may lose sight. Thank you for always helping me find my way back. Thank you for loving me, even when I don't trust in you. Thank you. Amen.

-The Banks Mama


What an Easter we had! We decided to host our first little get together at our house for Easter, and what an awesome idea that was! It started to rain when we got back from church, so we couldn't sit out in the back as we had planned, but the rain brought an awesome breeze, so we opened all the windows and doors, and set up tables in the garage. It felt SO good!

I didn't take a picture of the food that I made :( I forgot. My heart was so full, because my most favorite, and I mean FAVORITE person in the world came to see us! All the way from good ol' Ruston! I could go on for days about how much Stacey(and her husband Stan) mean to me, to us, to our kids, to the foundation our marriage was built on, so I instead will save it for a blog post one day. 

Anyways, they came, and my twin Teree and her family came, and my daddy and my brother and sissies came! It was just a laid back, good afternoon with good eats, good laughs, and good naps ;) Here are some pictures!

 My sister is on the right(Isn't she GORGEOUS) shhhh, don't tell her I said that.
 Eli and Brayden, chatting about something.

 Braxton crashes the party..
Apparently, my little brother Jaxon can't take pictures without saying "DEUCES"..

 Stan with his fur baby, Serci aka Jose... Isn't she cute?!
 Uncle Rob and Breland.

 My handsome men.

 Hey Jose.

 Breland had spit up all over his orange shirt, and he was missing a sock #babylife
 All the boys getting ready...
 Brendan finishing the resurrection eggs, and telling the story of Easter.
 Eli stole the donkey..
 Stan was trying his best to ruin the picture..

 Stace and I! I love her big, big!
 My prego twin. Ain't she just a glowin'?
 This is her gender announcement! We are adding another boy to our clan!! 6 boys!! OMGosh!!
So, I didn't get any family pictures. I didn't even get all of the boys fully dressed in their Easter outfits. I'm a terrible mom, I know.. But I think I am going to dress them back up and go take some bluebonnet pictures..we shall see. 

Hope y'all had a happy Easter! Ours was great! We were reminded of just how blessed we are!

-The Banks Mama

Trayvon Martin, why I'm over it

So, if you have been on facebook, watched the news, read the newspaper, or been to Yahoo's home page, you know about the Trayvon Martin case.

I have been reluctant to speak about it, because of the anguish that took over me when I even began to think about that being one of my sons. No mother should ever have to bury her child. It's a sad reality that I have to face on a daily basis. When I hear one of my kids cry in the middle of the night, when they ride their bike a little too close to the street, when a stranger in the store offers them some candy... The mother in me automatically starts to think about the worst that could happen, and, this case, has to be the worst.

Now, with that being said, I have read a countless number of articles, written by a countless number of idiots, and it has shook me to the core.

What I want to point out, is that sadly, murders happen everyday. Black on black, white on white, white on black, mexican on white, black on mexican, it doesn't matter. A murder is a murder is a murder.

My cousin/best friends husband was murdered almost 4 years ago, when their son was barely just a month old. The gas station parking lot where he was killed got the WHOLE incident on tape. Was the man that shot him charged with murder? No. Why? Because when he shot his gun, he wasn't aiming directly at her husband. He was shooting "aimlessly".. Does this frustrate me? Yes! Because now, my sweet nephew has to grow up without his father, whom he will never remember, and the man that killed him will walk free. 

Has justice been served here? No, not to me. But, it's life. 

As sad as this Trayvon Martin case is, I have to be honest. I am a black woman, my family is black, my kids are black. Do I sometimes profile other black people? You bet your ass I do. Does that make me a racist?... no. If someone looks suspicious, no matter what color they are, I'm going to think they are up to no good. It's just the human in me. Now, will I pursue them?... HECK NO!! If I felt like my life was in danger, I would remove myself from that situation immediately. And, as a police officers wife, having full trust in our law enforcement, I maybe would have made a 911 call, and left it at that. I probably would have gone in the house, turned off all my lights, and peeked through the blinds until he was gone, and that would have been the end of it.

I was not there that night, I don't know exactly what happened. From what I have read, I understand why George Zimmerman was not charged. Florida has a different law system than we do. If you don't know the law that I speak of, research it. 

I think that paying respect to Trayvon by wearing hoodies, is awesome! But is it going to speed up this trial? Not at all. Did he deserve to die? No! No one deserves to die!! No matter if he was suspended for school, for whatever reason, that still doesn't justify taking his life.

I urge you, especially parents, to do your research, get the facts, try to understand laws, and the justice system, before you automatically jump to this being a racial issue. Racism isn't born, it's taught. Raise your children knowing no color. Now, I know that racism is still alive, but holding on to that anger, is giving all the racist people out there total power over you. Prove to them that we can do anything, no matter the color of our skin. We can be doctors, lawyers, even presidents. Don't teach them to blame their problems on other people. 

RIP to EVERYONE who has ever been killed, and to whom justice has not been served.

-The Banks Mama

27 Reasons

So, it's that time again, yall! Hubs is 27 tomorrow! It's time for macaroni and hot dogs. If you read my post last year, you would know that every year on Brendans birthday, we have macaroni and hot dogs, and orange jello!!! Here are some pictures from our VERY FIRST mac and cheese and hotdogs, and orange jello meal. I feel like this was ages ago, and it was only 5 years ago!...

Anyways, I thought it would be cool to write 27 reason I love him, so here you go!

1. Because you give one hell of a foot rub.
2. Because you make the BEST biscuits and gravy.
3. Because you love me even when I make it almost impossible to do so.
4. Because you only move your head and neck when you dance...
5. Because you tell me I'm beautiful right when I need to hear it.
6. Because you drink out of the carton and think I don't know.
7. Because you light up the boys' life when they see you.
8. Because you help to keep our streets safe.
9. Because you love God more than you love me.
10. Because you will drive my swagger wagon (mini van).
11. Because you have given me 3 BEAUTIFUL little boys.
12. Because you have THE best shoulder to cry on.
13. Because I will wake up and catch you staring at me with a smile on your face.
14. Because you let me make hamburger helper almost everyday for 2 months when we were newly weds :)
15. Because you almost never ever EVER complain about anything.
16. Because you are corny. Oh so corny.
17. Because you are my biggest encourager.
18. Because you never give up on anything, no matter how hard it gets.
19. Because you think I'm sexy when I'm carrying your babies, and as big as a house.
20. Because you make it possible for me to chase my dreams.
21. Because you will read something for me, and give me the summary when I don't want to read it.
22. Because you will be mayor, governor, or maybe even president someday.
23. Because you spoil me rotten.
24. Because of the way you love me.
25. Because your belly button is a black hole.
26. Because you were made for me.
27. Because you are you.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my main man, my rock, my baby daddy, my hunka hunka burnin' love, my everything, my Husband. I love you baby, you're like a fine wine, gettin' better with age. I'm the luckiest girl in the world...

Here's to macaroni and hot dogs :)

-The Banks Mama

Our Thursday

Today,we spent some good old fashioned family time outdoors. That's right, we worked in the yard.
Apparently, the man who owned the home before us, just didn't care about life..or his house for that matter. All of the neighbors have been elated since we've moved in and fixed the yard up! Since it's spring, we are getting ready to plant!! It's the first time we've ever gotten to do this!!

We also have a huge backyard, and we are going to have a vegetable/herb garden. I was so excited getting started today, and that excitement came to a halt as I was pulling up roots. Uhm, hello! Garden snakes, salamanders, snails, and beetle larvae?! It was a little much for me. I had to take a little breather, readjust, and get back at it.

Most of me was sad that I was destroying these poor little animals homes though :/ Hubby made sure to relocate them to an area in the yard that we were not going to till. He loves his softhearted wife so much. Here are some pictures from today. We had so much fun. The boys loved seeing all the little creatures, and we even had lunch in the garage. It was such a gorgeous day. 

I love my family :)

 Hubby says this snake "wasn't that big"..yeah right.

 they were fascinated...

 weeds be gone!!

 I love his crazy cowlick in the front :) My sweet (not so tiny anymore) bubbas

 Braydens newest thing is "no paparazzi" when I take pictures of him. He's hilarious.
 Turkey and cheese for lunch.

 Braxton is in a constant state of consumption..
 Hundsley wasn't allowed outside because she likes to attack our neighbors... their pants legs at least.. she thinks the world is out to get us..
 I also took the time to workout a little.. why won't these last 10 pounds just fall off?.. geez..
 "Hey mom, were you gonna drink this?"
 Brendan trimmed our Lady Banks rose bush! I still freak out every time I look at it.. I will blog about it later if you don't know the meaning behind it..
 caught ya!

 Hubby is going to sweet talk the trash guys in the morning! Hopefully they will take all of this!
creeping on hubs from inside the house.. he may be crying because the front is finally done.. and I still have more projects for him.. or he may be wiping away sweat... whatevs..
 blowing me kisses...
 look at that sexy hardworking man...

And lastly, hubbys favorite meal. Yes, he is aware that he is married to a private chef, but that doesn't change a thing. He will take meatloaf and mac and cheese over any meal, any day. Boo-yow, in yo face.

-The Banks Mama

Braxtons Bayou Party

We have awesome friends and family, thank you for making Braxton's Birthday party stupendous!

-The Banks Mama!

Story of my life

If you know anything about me, you know that my life is filled with moments where all you can do is shake your head at me..

Well, if you didn't know, this week, I am cooking for a family, 3 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner! This is my DREAM! I am praying praying praying that they will hire me permanently, but only God knows!!

Anyways, to start off day 2 of this new job, I woke up on time, got myself showered and dressed, got the kids dressed, everything was all good. I was going to stop by the donut shop on the way to drop the kids off with my grandparents.. go to look for my wallet. CANT FIND IT! I drove Brendans car last night, and I knew I left it in there.

After calling and panicking to him, turns out it is, in fact, in his car! UGH! So, I call my mom panicking, asking her to borrow money, and SHE LEFT HER DEBIT CARD AT HOME! Like mother, like daughter! She couldn't write me a check, because, guess what?... I didn't have my ID! So, luckily, her angel of a maintenance man gave my poor pathetic, (now rushing) self some money.

I hurry up and get the kids to my grandparents house, race to the store, get the groceries I need, and get to the clients house to find out they haven't even had breakfast yet(that I prepared the night before). I was so relieved! So I got them their breakfast, and started to make lunch.

Well, when I got done, I got in my car....I'm on E. And not like the needle is almost to E, I mean PAST  E! So, I have no money, and I have to go get my kids. Good thing this was around the time that Brendan was supposed to get off! My sweet grandma said it was no problem, and that he could come pick them up.. And thank goodness I made it home. I'm pretty sure my car won't even make it to the gas station from my house! Isn't this the story of my life?....

But, even after all that happening, being in that kitchen just reminded me of how much I want to cook for a living. I love the smell of old pots, the clicking of a gas stove, whisking until I can't feel my hands, the sound of a knife cutting through a vegetable, the aroma coming from the oven! AGH!! I never felt like I was working, not one second of today. Please continue to pray for me, I really believe in the power of prayer, and I know that I have this opportunity for a reason. If not to work for them full time, this will definitely open some doors!

Now, I must go pump. Boobs are as hard as rocks!

-The Banks Mama

Oh, and check out guest post #2 on my friend Carly's Blog. DIY Bookshelves I made for the boys' room!

Happy 2nd Birthday Braxton

It's so hard to believe that my baby is 2. It has been a crazy 2 years, there is no one like our Braxton! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Self Portrait

Sometimes, just sometimes, I put my auto timer on and take pictures of myself. I'm always the one taking them, and I feel like my kids will never have pictures of me... I know, there I go with my weird memory fears again. Anyways... Last night, I got one that I felt totally captured me, the way I would want to be remembered...

Uh, is this not me?..

-The Banks Mama

Tummy Time and a Nose Bleed.

Today, we had our first nose bleed. Brayden was running around, playing, and laughing, then that laughter turned to screams and tears. My poor son has his mommys clumsy gene, and he has it baddd. He ran into his bed, and hit his nose. It only bled a little, but I am very sqeemish. Not to blood, but when my babies are hurting it makes me physically hurt, I can feel their pain, and it makes me so sad its almost unbearable. Especially when I didn't see it happen. I replay it in my mind, and it gives me the chills. You would think with 2 little boys, I'd be over this, but not the case. I'm so glad that today was one of hubbys off days, because I would have flipped. While hubby was tending to Brayden, I had to remove myself. I was convinced he had a concussion so hubby told me to leave. (I also tend to over exaggerate)

So, I took Braxton and we did a little tummy time with Breland.

I love moments like these. Just laying on the floor with my sweet babies. Breathing in their freshness, peering into the innocence of their big brown eyes, kissing those chubby cheeks, laughing at their silly sounds, tickling their tummies. It's what life is all about.

Also, here a few pictures of Breland's nursery. It's not finished, I've got a couple more things to do... I just need some drawer pulls for his dressers, and a rug. And yes, his room is BRIGHT! But I love it!

Brayden was okay, just a little bleeding, and it was over. His nose looked swollen to me, but Brendan said it was all in my head. Poor baby. I know eventually with 3 boys, I will look back at this and laugh, because nose bleeds will probably be a regular occurrence in the Banks house!

-The Banks Mama

Thin Mint Cupcakes

Okay, so, y'all know I'm a food aficionado. My friend Megan posted a picture of some cupcakes that she made, and I asked her for the recipe. I had no idea these cupcakes would rock my world. For real. All I can say, is MAKE THEM, and make them now. You will thank me you are having a food-gasm.

Here is her recipe, tweaked a little by me, ya know, because I always have to do a little tweakage.

3 boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints
48 Cupcake Tins
2 boxes of chocolate cake mix (I used a 'triple fudge' flavor) and whatever ingredients are listed on the back of the boxes
2 cans of Pillsbury Easy Frost - Velvety Cream Cheese
1/2 cup of sour cream (optional)
Red sugar sprinkles (optional)

1 - Preheat oven according to directions on box.
2 - Put a thin mint at the bottom of every cupcake tin.
(I just crushed them, and made a thin layer on the bottom)
3 - Follow the instructions on the back of the cake boxes (combine both boxes & ingredients).
4 - Add the sour cream to the mixture as well (makes the cake moist).
(super duper delectably moist)
5 - Add 10 crushed thin mints to the mixture.
6 - First fill each tins half way full, then if there's left over batter, evenly distribute it into the tins.
7 - Follow the baking instructions on the back of the cupcake boxes.
8 - After baking, take cupcakes out of pan right away and put on the drying rack. Let cool for a minimum of 30 minutes, but I suggest an hour. Icing will melt if cupcakes are too hot.
(we were too anxious, so we put them in the freezer for 15 minutes)
9 - Ice cupcakes and top with red sugar sprinkles and thin mint halves for decoration.
10 - Eat a cupcake.
11 - Digest the cupcake.
12 - Eat another cupcake.

For the Icing, I used Wilton's buttercream icing, but I used mint extract, as well as the vanilla. Duh-freaking-licious. 

Here are photos to prove:

 Apparently my kids and my husband have the same cupcake eating face
Breland is happy because he knows he'll get to taste some deliciousness in mommy's milk later :)

So, everybody gave them the stamp of approval!

As for me, I will be dreaming of these cupcakes tonight. Oh, sweet thin mint cupcakes..

-The Banks Mama