Trip to Ruston, Part Two

When we woke up the next morning, we got to have a very intimate moment at our old church with our Ruston family. Brendan and I were both hours away from family when we were first married, so our church family REALLY did become our family. I loved being able to worship with them, and hear an AWESOME moving word, as always from our very dear friend, and pastor, Matt Slate.

(Oh, and thank you Kordsmeier family for providing us with a shower, and a place to change clothes after the rugby match! Sorry I left you guys out! LOVE YALL!!!)

So after we bid farewell to our church peeps, we headed out for lunch on Lake Claiborne at the Clawsons house. 

A little background on the Clawson family.. They too became our family. Like our mom and dad. Their son Dakota and I lifted together on the powerlifting team, and our first year at Nationals was actually on my birthday. I was having the WORST birthday ever, and Dr. Clawson went out and bought me a cake! It was so special. From then on, they kind of adopted us, and always made us feel SO SO loved! We woke up with a missed call from Dr. Pat asking if we were okay with "RIBS, BEANS, and PATATER SALAD" for lunch! Haha! Of course!!

Their house and landscape is my favorite. I could stay out here forever.

Literally the second we stepped out of the car, Mrs. Deb was in FULL grandma mode. She doesn't have any grandbabies yet, but that did not stop her! She is amazing! So amazing, that when she had gone in the house, I said to Brayden "She's pretty awesome, right?" and Brayden said "Yeah, more awesome than you" I will take that!

Lunch was still warming up for us, so she gave the boys a snack, and then made them some grilled cheese sandwiches. On texas toast might I add. Oh,with muenster cheese. She was winning.

Look how ooey gooey these sandwiches were... They were calling them "cheese noodles" so cute.

Dr. Pat gave Brevin a taste of some potato salad... 

Feeding the ducks..

Quick nap on the hammock...

I love this picture. If my boys have no shortage on one thing, that is people that absolutely adore them. I love that they get to make such sweet memories. 

They decided they wanted to go fishing, so Mrs. Deb started digging up her flower beds to find worms. (told ya she was awesome)

Dakota came, and we got to meet his gorgeous girlfriend, Nikki. Shame on me for not getting a picture! She's a doll!

Watching for Bald Eagles..

After a fun-filled day, and resisting the urge to stay the night, we had to get clean and head out. But not without getting adjusted first! First up, Brevy Mans!!

Dakota and the boys were having a pretty intense wrestling match..

Dr. Pat has adjusted all of our babies at this age! So sweet!

Oh yeah, mommy and daddy got adjusted too. Heaven.

We had an amazing time in Ruston, and we will be back to Lake Claiborne soon. So sad our trip was so short, but it was very good for the soul!


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