My Granddaddys hands..

(Braxton and Granddaddys hands 5/21/14)

My Granddaddys hands.

They have seen hard work, and easy summer days.
They have maybe wanted to quit, but went on anyways.

They have witnessed opposition, rejection, and doubt.
They have molded children, inside and out.

They have cooked meals, brushed hair, changed clothes.
They have tied shoes, driven cars down the road.

They have chopped wood, brushed teeth, signed papers.
They have checked the mail, waved hi to the neighbors.

They have thrown balls, trimmed hedges, mopped floors.
They have checked for monsters, behind closet doors.

They have had important jobs, they have wiped tears.
But most of all, they have held me up for 26 years.

No matter where they go, or how far they are,
They are filled with more love, than there are stars.

The only thing that's better than them being there for me,
Is that they are here, for my boys to see.

My boys see compassion, they see joy, they see all things done with love.
They see my granddaddys hands, wrapping them in hugs.

His hands, his sweet hands are special to me,
I wish the whole world could be more like my granddaddy.



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