Braxtons 4th Birthday

We spent Braxton's birthday exactly how he wanted! I had been asking him for probably about a month what he wanted to do for his birthday, and if he wanted just family, or family and friends. He said that he just wanted family, and pizza! I was like, uh- heck yes, lets do it! Well, fast forward to one week before his birthday, and he tells me he wants a Thomas party with pizza..

I threw together a party quick! Didn't even send out invites! He was really making me sweat, but we pulled it off! Thank you so much to my sweet friend Melissa, who brought her camera, and took pictures for me!!! I was still a little sore from my c section, and was trying to take it easy, and she took that stress away from me. I love you sister! 

This was my first time attempting royal icing cookies! THEY ARE SO HARD TO MAKE! But I will keep practicing until I master this! I'm determined!

We made blue popcorn for favors :)

About the cake.. lol Thomas was very hard to draw and after wanting to just throw the entire cake in the trash, I just decided to let it be. Braxton loved it, and thats all that mattered to me!

I made us all matching shirts with iron-ons.. check out how chubbers I was. Gah!

Cutie- Kate!

Braxton and Anna-Kate are both the middle babies. Melissa has 3 girls, and their personalities are identical to my boys. So funny. These two luh-luh-LOVE each other! If Melissa stops by with out Anna Kate, Braxton is so sad!

Can't get enough of that smile!

The kids had pizza, and I made a salad bar for the adults.. Melissa must have tried some of everything on her plate! Haha! And my kids call her "auntie momo" hence the cup ;)

We took the majority of the boys' toys out of the playroom.. In order to prevent a full on toy explosion.. The kids had books and a few other things in there to play with..

At the end of the party, after all the presents were opened, Braxton stood in front of everyone, and so sweetly said "Thank you everyone for coming to my party" and everyone hooped and hollered for him. It made me cry, because Braxton is my personality twin, and I know just how much it meant to him for everybody to come out and spend his special day with him. Thank you guys for making his birthday so sweet and unforgettable! We had a happy, happy FOUR year old! Where does the time go?! Love you Braxton Robert!



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