Easter Weekend

It has been over 2 MONTHS since I blogged?!! Our poor laptops crashed on us :( It was so very long overdue. Thank goodness we have amazing friends in the IT business. I have a brand new rebuilt desktop full of memory for my tons of pictures and I'm ready to dive back in to my blog! If you need any computer help, work, website design, or anything please use our friend Esteban at Blancoitconsulting.com or blancoit.com you can also follow him on facebook and twitter @blancoit (shameless plug)

Now, WHOO! We. Made. It. Through. April. I know April isn't over, but April is worse than thanksgiving and Christmas for us. We've got 3 birthdays and Easter. I always try to think that it wont be that busy and that we can fit other things into our life, but I really am just lying to myself!!! Brendan and I both had awesome birthdays. We are getting OOLLDDD. And our sweet Brayden turned 6 yesterday. SIIXX!! My computers were down for Braxtons bday so I will have to make up his birthday blog post. We chose to spend the money we would use on a birthday party for Brayden and go to an indoor waterpark/resort for his birthday. Best decision we ever made. It was amazing, and so amazing, that it deserves its own blog post. Now, I know I have had so many blogging projects, and I usually never finish them. It's just because I'm so awesome. HA! I plan to have our Disney posts finished before we go back in September, as well as my tips. Sometimes its hard to sit down and blog when I've been corralling wild animals all day. I mean, precious, sweet little angels ;)

So, lets pick up with some fun pics! We spent Saturday half the day lounging around, and my friend Amber asked us if we wanted to go easter egg hunting with them. It was later in the day, so we were like sure! We had fun! It was a bit crowded, but all in all the kids had a blast, AND they gave out free chic-fil-a after the hunts were over. SAY WHAT?! Here are some pictures! Thank you Curry Fam for always inviting us to do fun things!

First of all, can we just talk about how handsome these baby boys are? Now that that's established, we may proceed..

daddy and his baby..he never puts this kid down. NEVER.

After the kids ate, they immediately turned into NINJAS!

I missed Braydens EPIC ninja kick!

I hope everyone had a fab Easter! Great Wolf Lodge Post coming up Next!



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