A Great Wolf Birthday

For Braydens 6th Birthday, we decided it would be cool do use the money we would to throw him a party, to do something fun just for him! We wanted to go to Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday last year but it was just way too expensive! When we looked then, it was at least 200$ a night, with a minimum of a two night stay! WHAT?!! When I brought the idea back up, I went to look at prices again, and they were the same, but you could stay for one night, AND they sent me a coupon code!!

We decided to stay one night, and one day. After you check out at 12pm, you can stay the entire day until 9 pm!! So incredibly cool! We also found out that if you are a guest, you can allow people on your guest list to come visit the resort for 40$ per person, and they don't have to get a room! We invited my little brother and sister, and even Grandnana came out to play! We had a blast!

Sydney with her nephews. We all pulled up at the same time!

Jaxon, my toothless brother ;)

Notice the change in expression? This is after they SAW the water park!

We ended up upgrading our room for 30$ more, to get a little "kid kamp" suite! It was super cute!! The kids loved having their own little space away from mommy and daddy!

Yes, it says "Brayde" the "N" candle broke. The theme for this birthday was obviously SUPER MARIO! Brayden is obsessed with him right now. I made this cake in about 4 hours. Brayden loved it!

 Time to SWIM!

Brevin also had a lifeguard onesie on that was actually Braydens as a baby, from Hawaii :) Thanks Tia Melissa!

 After we swam, we all started to get hungry, so we ordered pizza from the pizza place inside the resort and went back to the room to sing happy birthday and eat!

Mimi, Jax, and Brevy

He needed some kind of decoration ;)

the kiddos

Sydney peeping out of the kids kamp

The teens.

Alas, the pizza is here! Daddy was mad about the wait, if you can't tell...

Haaappppyy Biiirrrtthhhddaayyy!

My sessy mans!

After everybody left, we opened gifts from the family. Brayden loves maps, presidents, and states, so we loaded him up with all of the above. We also got him his first Magic Tree House chapter book! He had to start reading it right away!

After cake settled, we headed out to conquer everything on Braydens paw pass. This was the best thing ever! It allowed him to get a chance to do something in every single part of the resort! It was 75$ but everything added up came to over 200$ This made him feel super special! I started to feel bad that Braxton didn't have one, and right when Brendan saw that look in my eyes, he reminded me that we were here for Brayden, so it was his turn to get spoiled. 

One of the things on the paw pass was a wand and Magi quest game. It was so much fun, we were running up and down stairs looking for treasure and hidden pictures, and we actually ended up asking other parents along the way for help! It was fun!

Brevin was just chillin!

Braydens paw pass also included a free scoop of ice cream, so we got his, and we all indulged as well!

He also got free wolf ears.

Looking for all the clues

The crystal is one of the things in Magi quest, when you waved your wand over it, it would say whatever your next thing was.. tried to get a picture but Mr. 6 year old was moving too fast.

Also included, was a build a bear..they have a different name for it, but It came with that, and a free outfit! Brayden loved that the most!

View from our room. The outside part was closed because it was raining.. The next morning, we had breakfast at their breakfast buffet, and then swam more. We went back to the room for lunch, ate, packed up, and checked out, then went to finish the Magi quest game and the Paw Pass.

Color your own t-shirt, yep, included in the paw pass. Told ya it was awesome!

Daddy was thrilled about sitting in the kids club to color! HA!

He got arcade points(on the paw pass) so we bought some for the boys too. Boys...arcades...need I say more?

Then, before we left, MORE SWIMMING! We had so much fun going down waterslides. My throat was sore from screaming! Brayden thought it was hilarious when I yelled.

Braxton decided to stick to the kid waterslides, even though his fro made him tall enough to ride the big ones. He tried one big one with daddy and Brayden, but decided that was enough.

Brevin was like...zzzzz

Time to go!

One last thing, was his glitter tattoo. They advised us to wait until we were done swimming for him to get it! He chose the wolf, with Blue glitter.

Paw Pass, DONE!

We had an amazing time, and Brayden was very ecstatic! We spent about what we would on a party, and it was stress free! We slept the whole day after, but it was a great way to celebrate our 6 year old! Happy Birthday Brayden!



  1. Nice birthday! We do something similar for our girls. Happy belated birthday Brayden :)


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