Why I hate social media

That's right. I said it. I hate it.
I bet you're like, "seriously?" 
No, I'm serious.

Why? You might ask?.. Well, you're lucky, because I'm going to answer that question.

I have this discussion all the time with my husband, and have maybe blogged about it a few times. Not sure. But, I'm getting fed up. Fed the heck up. Tee hee. I really wanted to cuss.. but anyways..

I share, and I share a lot. I share memories, I share stories, I share jokes, I share my love for things, I share my disdain for things. I share my opinions, I share facts. I share moments of weakness, along with moments of pure, unadulterated joy.

If you follow me, my blog, my facebook, my instagram, well, this is nothing new to you. You know that I'll share how many times I've thrown up, to pictures of me breastfeeding, to the next vacation I'm planning. It's just what I choose to do. I don't share to gloat. I don't share to portray something that I'm not. I share, because obviously I allow these moments to be a part of other peoples lives. I view it as a gift, a privilege even.

I'm not ashamed to admit I like to keep up with other peoples lives. It's awesome! I can laugh with them, cry with them, encourage them, even love on them from a distance, for those that I do not live close to.

I've wanted to remove myself from the map several times, just because I catch so much crap from it. Snarky comments, or whatever the case may be. I don't take it lightly. Did ya know that I indeed have feelings? Yeah, it may be hard to believe, but all humans have feelings. It makes me want to crawl into a hole and suffocate when I am bullied. Oh yeah. I used that word.

I get bullied. Will I go into detail? No. But I have just one thing to say...
If you have a problem with what I share, how often I do, how much I do, how happy I am, how sad I am, how freaking adorable my kids are, how handsome my husband is, how much I love him, how much I love God, how much I hate racism, or how opinionated I am, please stop following me. Will it hurt my feelings? NOT in the slightest. Please go away. And I mean that in the nicest form possible.

Don't block me from your news feed, delete me. Do not visit my blog. If you don't like what I have to say, you are not being forced to read it :)

Good day.



  1. You go girl! Even writing this took guts! So proud!


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