Day 3, Part 2

So, day 3, Part 2! We started off with very happy little mice! We were so excited to spend our first day at Magic Kingdom!!

I'm in like one picture from this day! Whoops!

We started off with a super cute castle show! When it was over, Braxton said, "AGAIN" I was like, sorry baby this is real life, not netflix lol!

After we had lunch at the Crystal Palace, we got rained out, so we went back to our resort to nap, and came back!

We grooved with some characters as they danced in the street, and rode some rides!

Then came the BEST part! Fireworks! These always have made me cry! The music, the magic, its so sweet!!! One thing we didn't know until the Not so Scary Halloween Party is that if you go behind the castle for fireworks, they are literally 360 all around you! And so close! It is so awesome! I would definitely recommend fireworks in front of the castle, and behind!

We rode lots of rides, and had tons of fun! Yay Magic Kingdom!



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