Happy Friendsgiving

While I know that I'm behind on blogging Disney pictures, and tips, these were just alot easier to edit, and there were alot less of them! If you need a Disney fix, go to my friend Melissa's blog, and see some of her SUPER CUTE pictures from their Disney trip! I LOVE the Pond fam!
We decided to start something annual, every November, to just have our friends over for some grub, games, and fun!! I've been waiting for so long to have a house to host in, so I'm forever thinking of ways to entertain! We hope to keep this tradition up until our friends are too old to drive to our house by themselves ;)
My whole thought process on this was, Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday. What's better than seeing family, and being grateful? We decided to host a dinner with our friends, without our kids, so we could all just RELAX, eat, and not have to worry about chasing down little ones, wiping noses, checking on who's crying..you get the point. It was awesome. We also made it a potluck, so we could all taste each others yummy food! Melissa suggested next year, we do recipe cards, and I agree!

We had, jambalaya(White family), green bean casserole(Selod family), dressing and chicken(us, and Boston Market lol), mac and cheese (Lampkin family), and honey ham(Stout family). I also made pumpkin pies, and Inyeda brought a brown sugar toffee pound cake that is just, OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
And, Newtons law of men says: Where men are gathered, there shall be dominoes.. HA!
Handsome husbands!
Cutie wives!
We had more than two couples cancel because this weather is getting the best of everyone! But, I loved having a friend from literally, all walks of life come over at the same time... It's cool to see how God has brought each person into our lives, and we are so grateful for every single one of them! And our sweet people that could not make it as well ;)
Since the guys took forever to finish their domino game, the REAL games started late. We ended up just playing one game, and it was HILARIOUS! Teagan and Jeremy came over a little late, after Jeremy got off of work. She always knows how to entertain. Love this genuine girl!
Andddd even though I look 700 lbs, Teagan is gorg :)
We had a very fun night! Hubs was PASSED OUT on the couch, literally moments after the last couple left, and after putting up the food, I got him in the bed, and passed out myself! We had an awesome nights sleep.. ahem, because our youngest was not there to interrupt it! Thank you to all of our friends who helped us start this tradition, we love you, and I'm still full!

Happy Friendsgiving!



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