Day 3, part 1, Lunch at Crystal Palace

For our first day at Magic Kingdom, we had lunch reservations to dine at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and Friends! 

The food was absolutely amazing. It was a buffet, and we were done eating, we were STUFFED! It was actually pouring down rain by the time we got done eating, and we had to go back to our resort to try to dry our strollers out. We used that time to nap as well!

Breland had very mixed feelings about the characters! When we first got there, he would not turn his back on them when one was around. He made sure they were either in his peripherals, or in direct sight! By the end of the lunch, he was best friends with all of them!

Getting everyones autographs was so much fun!

Braxton made it very clear that he only wanted to eat, and to not be bothered by anyone ;)

We had THE BEST waitress. She was awesome. We asked her if we could bring her back to Texas, and she said her husband would be mad at us.

 We celebrated Kayson and Zaynes birthday at every meal :) FUN!

Mr. Grumpy mouse was ready for nap!



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