Planning your Disney Vacation: Part 2 of 4 Extras,do's and dont's,how to manage your time, and get the most of out your dining plan.

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Part 2 of 4:
Extras,do's and dont's,how to manage your time, and get the most of out your dining plan.

WHOO, that's a long title, but I couldn't shorten it!
My goal is to make this as underwhelming as possible, so here goes!
Extras, do's and don'ts
Tip #1: Park Hopper pass- Don't
When you book your reservation, you will have the option of getting different types of tickets. Yes, its that serious, lol. You can get regular day passes, or you can get park hopper passes. (You can also get water park passes, but we won't ever do those when we have 2 in Mansfield/Arlington)
Anyways, Park hopper passes are not cheap, and they also are not worth the money. The reason behind them is to skip from park to park on the same day... Chances are you won't have the energy, or time to do that. Save your money, and just get regular day passes. This trip was a bit of a trial run, and I don't ever see us needing a park hopper pass.
Tip #2: Not So Scary Halloween Party- Don't
This was a bit of a letdown. I don't know what I expected, but, it was NOT worth $60.00 per person (yes, that is in addition to everything else). First of all, it was PACKED. The tickets are 60.00, and you get to go to Magic Kingdom from 4:30 pm until Midnight. In my opinion, it was packed, because its basically getting a full 8 hours for 40.00 off a regular one day pass. We got a TON of candy, but then again, you could go to walmart and get $200.00 worth of candy, and skip the lines and the chaos. The headless horseman came by for like 3 seconds, and scared Brayden, lol.. The parade was okay. Dressing up the kids was fun, but it's DISNEY WORLD... You can be dressed in costumes everyday of your trip and no one would even question it. I'm not a big halloween person as it is(our kids don't trick or treat) so I was just over it. I don't regret it, but I would definitely never do it again!
Tip #3: Fast Pass and Fast Pass + DO!
Fast passes are where its at! If there is a ride with a long wait, you can grab fast passes and come back on the time you are given, and not have to wait! It's awesome! Some rides don't allow fast passes, but fast pass plus. You have to pay for the fast pass plus, and we will definitely be getting that next time. You get these super cool bracelets, AND you get to cut all the lines! Holla!
How to manage your time
Tip #1:
I think I've already gone over this one, but just make sure not to overdo it. Take time to relax, do a bit of downtown Disney, spend a day or two at your resort, and enjoy yourself!
EXTRA: Rides to avoid with small children..(Magic Kingdom)
Stitches great escape..oh my goodness. It even scared ME! You are in pitch black darkness for quite a while. Braxton and I did not like it. Also, Pirates of the Caribbean. Braxton, again, did not like the darkness, and he didn't understand those kinds of pirates!
Now, the FOOD. HA!
How to get the most out of your dining plan...
Dude, the dining plan. It's like, it's like.. it's just.. I can't even explain..
We got the Disney Dining Plan, which comes with 1 quick service meal, 1 snack, and one sit down dinner per person, per day.
We used all of our sit down meals to dine with characters (DO THAT) and our quick services for whichever meal we did not have a reservation for. Each quick service meal (and sit down) comes with a drink and dessert. If you eat at your resort(quick service), you have refillable mugs. We would fill up our mugs, and drink those, then just rack up on awesome bottled drinks to have for later for the room, or for the parks.
Another quick service tip, they don't distinguish between adult and child. We would get adult sizes and split them between all the of the kids! That way we had extra quick services. We ended up using them a couple of days on breakfast. We sometimes got a snack instead of dessert (Nilla wafers, pop tarts, etc..) and saved those for later as well. The dining plan is amazing, y'all.
If you have the dining plan that we got, that doesn't include 3 meals per day, I would suggest bringing fruit, pop tarts, nutri grain bars, or yogurt, or all, to have a quick breakfast in your room before you leave for the parks. You don't want to use a good meal on breakfast, unless its an extra one you had stored up, because breakfast is the cheapest meal of the day! If you want to pay for any meal, it'd be breakfast. Disney food is EXPENSIVE. But, DELICIOUS!
SO, got all that? Feel free to ask any questions!



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