My thoughts on the Zimmerman case, by Brendan Banks

 have kept my opinion to myself long enough. If you don't care for my opinion you can either not read or delete me either or I'm ok. If you would like respectfully talk about or debate my opinion feel free to comment publicly or privately.

The following is my opinion and does not reflect that of my employer or any other institutions and organizations I am associated with. Sad that I am adding a disclaimer to my status.

All of the recent posts and drama is been at times entertaining, ignorant, and just flat out dumb. It is sad to see the current social state of our country(which in fact is still the greatest in the world if you don't think so LEAVE). If we as a nation as a society want change for the better we have to stand up for what is right and stop hiding behind ignorance. This case was not about race until the great "leaders" of Black America stepped into save the day(please feel the sarcasm). 

As far as the final verdict goes you are innocent until proven guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt, for that charge. The prosecution failed to meet the burden of Florida's Murder in the 2nd Degree, which means the charge was incorrect.  Not because Zimmerman is half white and Martin is black. It is the greatest principle of our judicial system. There is no other system in the world I would want to be tried in criminally. Now civil court is another story and topic. Don't confuse the two...remember O.J. Simpson was found not guilty in criminal court and lost in civil court. Also each states laws are different so that must also be considered. If there was a failure in the system it is upon the prosecution not the entire system.

Trayvon Martin is dead. A young mans life is gone and the world will no longer know what potential he had. Those "Leaders" portrayed Martin to be something he was not. While I did not know him personally the facts are the facts and he fit the mold of teenagers I deal with on a regular basis. I know most people at 17 have no clue what they are doing or the negative effects of their choices but it doesn't justify it either. My biggest danger and my biggest fear at work is dealing with kids like Trayvon Martin. White/Black/Hispanic 17 yoa wanna be gangsters, that live in nice houses (150k+), with both parents in their lives, attend a decent school, have no clue what poverty or a real hood/ghetto looks like...but smoke weed, break into cars/homes, take pictures with guns(real or fake), rob kids for tennis shoes, shoot up house parties...all in the name of trying to be gangster but really they come from decent families and they act like they don't. And anyone who would like to say different ask me I know personally. People have to stop making excuses for who and where they are and realize that the decisions they make in life is their choice regardless of the hand they've been dealt.

These pimps and con artists we allow to speak as "Leaders of Black America" is disgusting. My skin crawls when I see them on national news opening their mouth. They have been doing far more harm than good. I refuse to let them stand up for me...they do not represent my best interest and I did not vote or them. STOP supporting that mess. 

We as Americans, not Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, or any Ethnic group, must start accepting responsibility for our own actions as individuals and as a country. Stop blaming others for your situation and do something positive to change your circumstance. Stop believing the hype of the news and social media. Educate yourself on laws and the system which governs you. Ignorance of the law is not justification for breaking it. Growth and success is not instant and not easy...regardless of what CNN/ABC/FOX and Facebook tells you. It takes hard work and time to get what you want.  Ask any farmer about the work and time that went into their harvest.

We have to stop running from and hiding behind the Race Card. It is now hurting us as a society. We must move forward, it is not the 60's anymore. The black community has allowed the few to portray the whole and it is sad. Now that I am a parent it is my responsibility to instill God fearing, loving,  good, hard working, respectful, resourceful, educated, producing members of society. 

Again I am by no means stating that I believe Zimmerman was justified. I think he started out with good intentions and became an over zealous person which set the stage for a dangerous situation. Anytime you make the decision to pick up a firearm you must be prepared for the take someone's life justified or not. In moments like these how we respond to them will determine we go and how we grow.


  1. Great post bro. I completely agree. Its unfortunate the times are still not there to allow for open discussion without peoples feelings getting hurt. Some people are still so closed in their views that any other objective opinions are to much to handle. We have very similar views and Im pleased to see you posting your opinions. Stay safe

  2. Frat first of all thanks for being a serviceman and a positive person in your community. It is great when we have(forgive my phrase)"men of color" that are living up to their responsibility and being a positive influence for all to see. I agree that we have to educate ourselves and others about what happens in our communities.I am not a fan of the phrase "race card", but I have come to accept why it is being used. I think both parties are guilty of abusing the race issue, but one should keep in mind that our country has a recent bad reputation for the mistreatment of minorities. This notion doesn't support idiots going on ridiculous rants or acts, but I think that many feel/felt that their child could be Trayvon. I haven't researched much about his character(Trayvon), but the fact of the matter is that someone died for a reason that is still unclear to many. Zimmerman did not have to get out of car. That is the one fact that seems to bother a lot of people including myself. All the defense team had to do was instill doubt to the jurors. Which didn't take much unfortunately. I promise I'll digress....I feel that if people took out time to understand the justice system, and how it's flawed, responses to the verdict wouldn't be quite irrational. I also wish people knew more about the number of innocent black men who are regularly profiled for crazy reasons, or even lost their lives over similar circumstances. We can't let history repeat itself. I'm not saying that in support solely for those who felt Zimmerman was guilty, but for those who may find themselves in a similar circumstance as both George and Trayvon did.

    I found your post thought-provoking. I believe civil communication goes a long way.

  3. Well said. I think it is time for our mothers to understand that by letting our young men dress in a manner that portrays this wannabe lifestyle is only going to lead to more tragedy. I commented that GZ would not have acted on a person that was dressed in nice jeans, a pullover and carrying an umbrella. I was told baggy and saggy is the style. Well, if slutty and provacative is the style for teen girls are you willing to let your daughters follow along? There is perception from the public based not on race, but on life experiences. Experience shows us that baggy/saggy is associated with all you mentioned. Protests need to be for change in allowing our young men to fall through the cracks. Very well said!

  4. I agree with you, entirely and completely! It is so refreshing seeing a minority have an opinion that is out of the "race" bubble. I am Hispanic and I have been getting so much ignorance because I said all that you said. I didn't cheer when Zimmerman was acquitted. BUT at the same time, I looked at this case with an open mind at the possibilities of what could have happened. Trayvon was portrayed to be this innocent, kind kid when texts and photos showed otherwise. AND people are sticking with this kid for no reason other than the color of his skin. That is just plain ignorance.

    This case was right the first time, like you said until black "leaders" came into the picture, the case just turned to the left and segregated and separated the country. It's just so sad that the race card is always thrown out when people want it... Why not be mad about the Chicago senseless shootings? Or the crime from the Mexican cartel in Texas?! It's just a huge double standard and hypocritical.

    Thank you for your insight! I appreciate your opinion.

    xo Lori


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