Little Boys...

So, if you know the Banks family, you know we take family pictures 4 or 5 times a year. They are always planned, outfits carefully picked out, color coordinated, boys have to match, Brendan and I can't clash.. oh yeah, I take it to another level.
I probably take 20 pictures of my kids a day on my cell phone, and I manage to snap a few hundred a month on my DSLR but today I wanted them to pick out their own outfits, and I wanted to get some pictures of them in their true form.
When we take pictures, its always,"Brayden, smile. Braxton, finger out of your nose. Breland, look this way. If you take a good picture, we'll get ice cream!"
Today, I did promise then they could ride their bikes at the park afterwards, but I told them we were going to take fun pictures, and that mommy wouldn't tell them what to do, and they could even pick out their own clothes. They could also take any kind of picture they wanted, and then they could go play on the playground and ride their bikes. To which they replied "YYAYYYYY!! PLAY!!"
We had a blast. Do y'all know how hilarious your children are? I mean, do you ever take time to just watch them? Pure comedy. I wanted pictures of them to remember how they acted, their personalities, their snotty noses, their crazy hair, their cheesy smiles.
I know one day they will be all grown up and I will be so glad I have these sweet images of my innocent little Banks boys.
Prepare yourself for the cuteness. You just may die.

 Funniest picture ever.

 Stanky leg?

 snotty face
I am going to get some printed for their playroom. I can't wait to show them how these turned out... Our silly little boys..


  1. You have such a cute family! ;o)




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