Happy Birthday Breland

Hey yall! Sorry it has been over a month since I’ve blogged!

I meant to do a blog for Breland’s first birthday, but I may or may not have been in shock!

Before I blog about anything else, I MUST relive October 24, 2011.

There is something about the birth of a baby that makes you feel just THAT much closer to God.

I remember it like it were yesterday. Laying on the couch, editing my sweet friends maternity pictures that I had taken that same day. Feeling on again, off again contractions, peeing every 5 minutes, trying not to disturb my sweet husband who had to be at police academy at 8 am.

Texting my best friend and telling her that my contractions were 3 minutes apart, not knowing if they were the real deal. Getting in the bathtub, floating, and talking to my sweet unborn son as he danced around the contractions in my belly. Hearing my husbands soft, low whispers as he talked to our midwife. Seeing him scramble about to get things ready to go the birth center.

Feeling him massage my back as contraction after contraction hit, and gently kissing me on my neck and whispering to me to just…breeattthheee. Breathing through pain, rocking on the exercise ball. Questioning why in Gods name I wanted to do this without drugs. Feeling relief as my best friend arrived to check me.

Freaking out upon learning I had dilated to a 5 in barely 30 minutes. Sprinting to the car before another contraction came. Squeezing hubbys hand as he sped as fast as he could to get to Deep Ellum.Listening once again to his sweet comforting whispers.. “just breathe baby… you can do this, you’re strong…he’s ready to meet his mommy…I love you..”

Running up the stairs to the birth center, grasping on to the table in foyer, as hubby swayed my hips from side to side.Getting up on the bed, getting checked.Hearing, “She’s eight centimeters, and we’ve got a bulging bag”

Squeezing my mommys hand as I felt my body shift and change to prepare for the task ahead.Demanding my bath be ran, so I could float a little while longer.Kneeling on all fours in the birthing tub. Talking to my family between contractions. Feeling my baby boy descending.

Sitting on the toilet to pee, wiping and saying “Babe, everything is big down there.” Hearing hubby laugh and saying “Yes, you’re having a baby”Squatting and holding on the post on the bed, feeling my water break.Knowing it was time to push.Pushing with the contractions, feeling more at ease.

Looking into the eyes of my husband, as he prepared to deliver his third born son. Talking to my best friend, as she told me to breathe and push, that she could feel his head. Gasping as Brelands head popped out in seconds. Crying as I saw my husband deliver his baby boy, and immediately placing him in my arms. Weeping as I heard his sweet, strong, newborn cry.

Grasping his tiny body. Pulling it closely into mine. Locking in on my husband, thanking him for giving me this blessing. Accepting his thanks in return. The beating, from the attached umbilical cord, as it was pumping the final nutrients from the placenta. Nursing my sweet hungry boy, fulfilling his hunger. Smiling, in total bliss. Laughing, when remembering I was exactly 36 weeks.

The day I gave birth to Breland was unlike any other day I will ever have. It was experience I will never forget. It has been so much fun getting to know you our sweet boy this past year. He has brought so much joy into our lives. We can't even imagine what our family was ever like without him.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy, Mommy and Daddy thank God for allowing us to be your parents. We love you, so much.



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