A cyst, A wedding, and a Senior..

Yall. Life is crazy.
Like, can't keep up, can't sit down, can't even think. crazy.

Most days Brendan and I are talking and we ask each other what day it is, and neither of us know.
My doctors office called last week:

"Mrs. Banks, we were just calling to see if you were coming in today"
"I thought my appointment was on Wednesday?.."
"Yes,today is Wednesday."
"Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry, gonna have to reschedule."
"Okay, when would you like?"
"I'm actually going to have to check my calendar and call you back."

Like, what?
I think taking a month long break from life messed me up internally.
When we were on vacation, we intentionally made NO schedules, as far as time went. We knew for the most part what day we'd be where, but that was IT.
I forgot that I actually had a life?.. Things to do, places to be?..

To catch up, let's start with the cyst.

As you know, from my "we were almost a family of six" post, we had a pregnancy scare/miscarriage-ish type thing last month.

Since then, I had been cramping randomly, like low, bad cramps, I was VERY nauseous, and spotting.

**Insert panic mode here**

Hubby and I diagnosed myself right off the bat. I have a tumor. Ovarian cancer. Ectopic pregnancy?.. maybe fibroids...

I went to our doctors after hours clinic last Saturday, and after a pee test, and 3 second pelvic massage, the on-call doctor asked me if I wanted an RX for nausea and pain.

Uh, no fool. I've had 3 kids, I can deal with nausea and pain- duh. I just want to know what's wrong with me?.. He said it could be a number of things(ectopic being one) and if the pain got worse, to come back in..

As I was about to check out, I asked the nurse if she could schedule an ultrasound for me.
Hello, I know my body?..
She asked the doctor, and he agreed.

The soonest they could get me in was Monday, which made my nerves bad. But it was better than nothing.
On Monday morning, I filled my bladder up with 32 oz. of water, and headed to my ultrasound. I had my tiny bubbas with me while the big boys stayed here and napped with daddy. My mom met me at the place so she could love on Breland while I was getting my exam.

The exam took an hour and half -__-
I got my results the next day..
"Mrs.Banks, your results came in. Your abdomen scan was normal. Your pelvic scan however, showed that you have a cyst in your left ovary."
"He said it should resolve itself, and for you to repeat the ultrasound in 6 weeks."
"k, thanks for nothin.."

..I didn't really say that, but can I just say how fed up I am with doctors? So quick to write a prescription, when they don't even know whats wrong with you!? I got so spoiled from my midwives, I'll never be the same!

So, I have a cyst.
And my best friend got married.
(Yes, I have more than one best friend. If you are one, feel special.)

The following Saturday, I left at 6 am. With no kids!? WHAT!? Brendan(who couldn't take off work) and the boys stayed at my moms, and she watched them while he had to sleep.
Anyways, I left at, okay, 7 am.. for the 6 hour drive down to Palacios, TX.
I got pulled over, but no ticket. Cop wife. BOOM.
But, I cried so much on the way there..
Thinking about how we're adults now?
I still remember us moving into our dorm together.
Going to the caf, getting up at 4 am for football practice(we were trainers), leaving football practice to go lift.
Football games,Powerlifting practice, Nationals, sleepovers, California....!!

How did this happen?

I was going through a major eyebrow crisis^^

Originally, Melissa had given me the option of being a bridesmaid or her photographer, but emphasized that she really wanted me to be her photographer, because she knew she wouldn't have to worry if I was, SO, that was my gift to her. The girl has a way of persuading..plus, I thought I was pregnant and didn't wanna be bloated in my dress :)

I was crying behind the lens as her sweet husband said the vows that he had written. OH MY GOSH..
I'm such a sucker for love.

Her reception was a blast. I learned how to cumbia, and how to party even after the party!
The next day, after a quick breakfast, and watching her and Barry open their wedding gifts, it was off to Katy(Houston) to take my cousins senior pictures.

EB is Brendan and I's adopted daughter lol. Since I don't have any girls, I shower her with all my girlness.
I told her that it's not fair that when I came into the family, she was barely 13, and now she's almost a grown up. It's like it happened over night! She is on homecoming court, and we promised her a long time ago that we would be there for her homecoming, so we will be back in Katy tomorrow to watch our EB (maybe, probably) win homecoming queen :)

So after pictures, her and Aunt Lynn took me out for some awesome sushi, I headed back home. I missed my babies and my hubby and my mom was about to jump off a cliff.. I am so grateful for her. Even though it was a whirlwind of a weekend, I was still kid free, and got to enjoy myself and relax.

One day, I will be caught up on life. Maybe.. until then, I'm just enjoying the ride, and loving EVERY minute!!

Will do a restaurant update post next time, for all that are curious..

**all pictures are raw, meaning they have not been edited** so don't judge me lol



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