Sometimes I wish as we grew up we stayed as easy to please as when we were kids.
Our children are SO easy to please.
Make them pancakes- Best mom in the world.
Give them a piggy back ride- Best dad in the world.
Tickle them- Thrill of a lifetime.
Let them go outside an blow bubbles- They talk about it for weeks!
Yall, we just went on a month long vacation, and out of everything we did, Brayden remembers Brendans grandmother making him bug pancakes when we went camping, and having a tea party with her and Braxton when we were at their house!
We could have saved 800.00! Just went straight to Indiana, stayed there for 3 weeks, and went straight back!
I love that they are grateful for what they have, and that we can provide them with what they want.
I've had some recent events that made me think about some things..
Why am I wasting my time?
Why am I exhausting so much energy on things that DO NOT MATTER?
Where is my focus?
My focus is now, solely, my family.
All other things are secondary.
It's always been this way, but I have just been giving too much of myself away, to not get anything in return.
I don't ever do anything EXPECTING to get something back, but after a while, it beats me up.
I get bruised, and it takes some time for the soreness to go away.
The bruise may fade, but I still remember what caused it, and I'm sure to never do it again.
It's exhausting, it hurts my feelings, and it's not fair to my husband, and my babies.
They need ALL of me.
THEY are the ones who fill my heart with joy.
Who love me unconditionally, no matter WHAT!
So, today, I enjoyed the simple things.
Worshipping my Savior, alongside the man that was handpicked by God himself to be my husband, my provider, best friend.
Nursing an 11 month old who would rather be no other place than in the arms of his mommy.
Sitting my 4 year old in my lap and counting each one of his perfect tiny toes, in our own rendition of "this little piggy"...
Tickling my 2 year old, whose laugh will make even the worst day seem like nothing.
Stopping what I'm doing, because my babies want to go outside and blow bubbles...
Just watching them interact, laugh, play, talk to each other was amazing.
I just sat back and marveled at these 3 dudes who were once just little beans on an ultrasound screen. Who once had a foot in my ribs, or an elbow moving down my belly. Who once made my heart stop, just by the sound of their first breath.
They are growing rapidly before our eyes.
Sometimes I'm scared to blink!  
As I listened to my sweet Braxton say: 
"Mommy, I blow bubbles at Breland! Brayden share bubbles! The wind blow them away! I pop bubbles!"
I thought...who told him he could grow up?
I know I will miss the days when they are satisfied by bubbles, or pancakes.
When they ask for a $3.00 car at walmart.
When nothing makes them happier than a kiss from daddy, or a high five when they do something cool..
When they come at 3 in the morning to "sweep wif mommy, daddy at werk"
THESE are the things that matter.
These little moments.
Right here, right now.
I am so thankful for my sweet Bundle of Banks Boys!
From the tops of their heads, to the dirt under their fingernails, to the soles of their flat feet.
Thank you God for loaning them to me.
I promise, promise, to take care of them.
It's only fair, since they take such good care of me.

(Braxton has a carpet burn on his eyelid)



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