Day 7 and 8

Day 7
Yesterday started off, not as planned, of course. We planned to get up at 7 am to have breakfast, and head out. It was a 2 hour drive from Chris and Ashleys house so we we would be there by 9, check in early, blah blah blah. Well, lol we woke up at 9, and didn’t head out until around noon. We got to Mobile, checked in really fast, then we had to hurry and eat lunch because the Morgan’s were starving lol. After a quick lunch we headed to go see the battleship!


When we pulled up, Brayden was super excited, but daddy was about to have a heart attack. (Him being in law enforcement was our compromise, instead of military) he was in awe of the ship, and the submarine, and the airplanes, etc. We toured, and the kids, and the menfolk had a blast!! We headed out, and went to eat the famous Lamberts! We were ready to catch some rolls! I left my camera in the car, and it was rainy, so we don’t have any pictures, but the food was okay, the best part was getting a hot roll thrown atcha!




 After we left, we came back to the hotel, and unloaded and started to settle down. I was itching to get in the hottub, so Ashley, Abbie and I snuck away from the guys for a little girl time. Abbie thought it was hilarious! The guys came and joined us towards the end, then we all went back to our rooms, to get ready for tomorrow!
Day 8
Of course, we were off schedule. We planned to leave around 8 am, so we could be at the beach before it got too hot, but that didn’t happen. We left around 10:30?.. after stopping for beach supplies, we made it to Gulf Shores around noon.
We.had.a.blast!!! The guys taught me and Ash how to ride waves, and, oh what? I SAW DOLPHINS!!! Like real, swimming in groups, doing flips in the water, DOLPHINS!!!!!!!! OMGGG!!!!!! I only have, 4 dolphin tattoos, speak fluent echo location, and happen to be part dolphin, but, no big deal!! It was really fun. We rented umbrellas and chairs, and the weather was PERFECT!! I thought we would spend tomorrow out there too, but I think everyone got their fair share of beach! Plus, omg, the sand, yall!! I couldn’t get it all out of Braxtons hair!! It was everywhere! 



 (thats the only kinda picture I have of me, lol)^^


 check out those beach curls!

We stopped and got fast food(Terrible parents, I know) and headed back to the hotel. Sadly, we had to say bye to the Morgans, but we promised this would now be a twice a year thing!
 bye bye Morgans, we love ya'll, even pouty Abbie.

We decided to stay an extra night here, just to regroup, and REST. Maybe take the boys to the pool.. The kids have done SO good, for being off their sorta-schedule, with weird naptimes, and sleeping in random places. NO meltdowns, besides our usual! I am so proud of them!! Traveling with them has been a breeze so far. Friday will be a long day of driving. We will be stopping at the race track in Talladega, and then we are headed to Kentucky. Originally, we were going to be in Nashville, but Brendans aunt had an unfortunate home incident, so we will be staying with my stepmoms best friend, in Kentucky.. while there we will be sight seeing in Cincinatti, Ohio! Any suggestions while there? Let me know, and stay tuned!



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