Day 5&6

Day 5

Yes, Yes, I know. Two days. One post. I'm a terrible person.
Hey, I'm on vacation!!!

We started off by having a late lunch at Acme Oyster house. Two words, BOO FRIES.
If you haven't had them, then you haven't lived, my friend.
Brendan said his vacation was made just because he had them.

After we left, we went to visit my BFF Ashley, and my God children, Gabe & Abbie.
They recently moved to the North Shore, and we went to see their new house.
I love those kiddos!!!!

 Brendan doing "chubbas" with Daniel.

We started celebrating my brother in laws birthday last night, a little too early.
And by celebrating, I mean...drinking.
And by drinking, I mean taking shots of Vodka.
Yes, this mother and father of 3, had major college flashbacks!! After the kids were in bed, of course.
All Joseph wanted for his birthday was for us to be there to celebrate with him.
It was fun, and he enjoyed himself!
I even made him a birthday cake!

My friend Amy came over, and after we drove around a little and caught up, she came back and we had some girl time. It was refreshing. I missed her so!!

Day 6

After a long night, and a couple of days of eating not quite like I should, I got up early and took a run on the levee. It was amazing. I got to spend some quiet time Reveling in God's beauty. It was amazing running next to the Mississippi River. Perfect temperature, and perfect breeze!

After my run, my handsome hubbas and I went out for a lunch date at Spahr's. It was right on the bayou, and we even saw an alligator!! Crazy!! Well, crazy to me, but normal to the people around here!

 crawfish bread. omg yum.

Later on, we went back and sang happy birthday to Uncle Joseph, and packed up and got ready to leave. We enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with him,and our nephew, and my sweet sissy in law. Sad to go, but glad we got this special time together!!!

 Love them!
Leaving, again!

So, now we are back at our sweet friends Ashley and Chris's house, and tomorrow we head out on the Banks/Morgan first annual family vacation!!! We will be spending a few days on the beach, at Gulf Shores! We are so excited! So get ready for plenty of pictures of us being beach bums!! Gulf Shores, here we come!!!



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