Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 started with us saying goodbye to the Spillers, and North Louisiana :(
We had so much fun,and it was the PERFECT, perfect, start to our vacation.
Our hearts needed it so so much.

 In order, left to right: Brayden, Peter Reid, Phillip, Joel, Ella, Breland and Braxton
 The Spillers! We LOVE THEM! Thank you for the hospitality, and showing us the true definition of a family that is raising Christ-like children. I am STILL in awe of you guys!

After we left Minden, we met our sweet friends, Stacey and Stan in Calhoun for a late breakfast, and then headed to New Orleans around noon.

IT.WAS.STORMING.SO.BAD!!! I had to sleep to stop from being so nervous. We have always taken a shortcut through Mississippi to get to New Orleans, and Brendan woke me up, shaking me saying, "BABE, TORNADO!!" I was like WHHATT?????

When I woke up, I saw the funnel cloud going back up,and Brendan pulled over so we could wait it out just a little bit. We saw more funnels forming along the way, but just prayed Jesus' protection over us, and kept on truckin.

Our plan to surprise my brother in law was a total success!! It's his 23rd birthday on Monday, and he had NO IDEA that we were going to be coming to celebrate it with him. He hasn't stopped smiling yet!

The boys were super excited to see their Uncle Joseph, aunt Brittany, and cousin Dahniel!

 Our nephew, Dahniel, who believe it or not, is not 13. He's only 4, him and Brayden are 6 months apart!!

So, ya'll, we're in South Louisiana! I will be getting some beignets, a poboy, and a king cake before we leave on Tuesday! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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