Day 2 and 3

(Day 2 AND 3)
Day 2

Well, we made our way around to good ol' Ruston! We drove around, admired all the changes, drove around campus, and showed the boys where mommy and daddy went to school, and where we used to live!
Before I got to Ruston, I had been talking to my friend Heather, (who is one of my go to people when it comes to business advice) about coming to work for her in her bakery. She just opened about a month or two ago, and we talk all the time about her bakery, and she gives me advice about the restaurant. I told her she could pay me in cupcakes, and I'd be willing to help out. I also needed some expert cake making advice. (I mean have you SEEN this ladys cakes?) And by lady, I mean, this 24 year old super awesome mommy?!

Okay, I digress, anyways, she gave me some tips, and we chatted and baked and iced the day away. I had so much fun! The boys left me up there after they stuffed their faces with some sweet treats!

 We also ended up having an unexpected reunion at Social Bites! We ran into Uncle Russell! He was kid and wifeless so he soaked up the boys, and caught up with Brendan. Of course, Brendan had to make an appointment to get a hair cut at his shop, Rumo's.

After a day of Ruston fun, we met our favorite couples at Log Cabin, dug into some barbecue bean dip, and caught up with everyone. Can I just say, how FULL my heart is right now?!! I mean, there is NOTHING like seeing friends who were once, our family! Well, they still are, but they were all we had when we lived there, and we are so so grateful that we had all these awesome people when we needed them the most!

 Ebony and Ivory, aka Kelly boy and Brendan
 The Kordsmeiers..all FOUR of them :)
 Kelly girl and I!
 Aunt Stace and Breland!

 Baby Eli (Heather and Thomas' Baby boy)

Day 3

Day 3 started off with a trip to Rumo's for daddy and Brayden to get a haircut! The thing I forgot about small towns is that you can totally run into the same people over and over again. So when we got there, Kelly girl and Posey, and Thomas and Eli were there...what a treat :) Also, while I was at the bakery, we saw the people we did NOT think we would be able to see while we were in town, Dr. Pat and Mrs. Clawson!! My heart was SO overwhelmed, yall. You just don't understand!!!!!!!!

 (Uncle Ross cutting Braydens Hair)

Posey is like a KID now! CRAZY!!.. and she just gets more and more gorgeous!

 Thomas was so excited about

 The daddy club..

 Braxton and Posey in full swing...

I went back to the bakery to help Heather today, because she was short staffed, so the boys and daddy went with Thomas and Eli and hung out.. They stopped on campus to take a few pictures. Two thumbs up to daddy for the awesome pictures!

 Pictures from the top of Wyly Tower..

So, there's day 2 and 3 of our grand adventure. We are headed out tomorrow, check then to see where we will end up :)



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