Bienvenue en Louisane!

Bienvenue en Louisane!

We are in Louisiana, ya’ll! Ruston, to be exact. Well, Minden, to be super exact. We are here to visit Ruston, aka Louisiana Tech, our Alma Mater (BABY) we have so many memories here. This is, after all where our family started!

Crazy to think about that! We plan to catch up with our friends that were our family for those 3 years that we were here. Seeing each of them makes my heart warm and fuzzy. We are staying with our friends Stephanie, and James Spillers, who have a brood of their own. I was determined to not bring chaos into someones house who didn’t already have it. Well, this house is a bit like ours. Wild and crazy, with just enough control.

Since the beginning of our friendship, I have always been amazed by Stephanie. She is so sweet, and gentle with her children. All four of them, yall. Her voice never goes above a whisper, and her kids quote the bible. Every night, James reads them a story out of the bible, all while Phillip asks questions so he can better understand. Tonight, they read about Josiah! I love the Spillers so much!

Steph and I have always kept up since I left Ruston, and we try to keep up our weekly phone dates. This already has been such a refresher!! Here are some pictures from today… we have plans to have dinner with some of our favorite couples for dinner tomorrow! So excited!



  1. I love it!! Glad to see you all are making it safely and enjoying your family vacation!


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