Welcome to my house..

Welcome to my house,
Where manners are a must.
Where noise is at a maximum,
Where the toilet seat is always up.

Welcome to my crib,
Where we may not have on clothes.
Or we may be in our pajamas,
Or still in our robes.

Welcome to my jungle,
Where little bear cubs run amuck,
The middle one scavenges for food,
While the oldest organizes his trucks.

Welcome to mi casa,
Where my boobs are always out.
Where a baby is probably latched,
Where there's spit-up on the couch.

Welcome to my chaos,
Where there's almost always confusion,
Where mommy is sometimes crying,
Wondering if this is the day she'll get put in an institution.

Welcome to my dungeon,
Where I ruin my kids lives.
Where I make them eat their veggies,
When they'd rather have burgers and fries.

Welcome to my sanctuary,
Where Christ always comes first.
Where we pray before everything,
Where we thank God, even when things are at their worst.

Welcome to my house,
Where we welcome you,
Just bring mommy something,
Like a margarita or two.

-The Banks Mama


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