Trayvon Martin, why I'm over it

So, if you have been on facebook, watched the news, read the newspaper, or been to Yahoo's home page, you know about the Trayvon Martin case.

I have been reluctant to speak about it, because of the anguish that took over me when I even began to think about that being one of my sons. No mother should ever have to bury her child. It's a sad reality that I have to face on a daily basis. When I hear one of my kids cry in the middle of the night, when they ride their bike a little too close to the street, when a stranger in the store offers them some candy... The mother in me automatically starts to think about the worst that could happen, and, this case, has to be the worst.

Now, with that being said, I have read a countless number of articles, written by a countless number of idiots, and it has shook me to the core.

What I want to point out, is that sadly, murders happen everyday. Black on black, white on white, white on black, mexican on white, black on mexican, it doesn't matter. A murder is a murder is a murder.

My cousin/best friends husband was murdered almost 4 years ago, when their son was barely just a month old. The gas station parking lot where he was killed got the WHOLE incident on tape. Was the man that shot him charged with murder? No. Why? Because when he shot his gun, he wasn't aiming directly at her husband. He was shooting "aimlessly".. Does this frustrate me? Yes! Because now, my sweet nephew has to grow up without his father, whom he will never remember, and the man that killed him will walk free. 

Has justice been served here? No, not to me. But, it's life. 

As sad as this Trayvon Martin case is, I have to be honest. I am a black woman, my family is black, my kids are black. Do I sometimes profile other black people? You bet your ass I do. Does that make me a racist?... no. If someone looks suspicious, no matter what color they are, I'm going to think they are up to no good. It's just the human in me. Now, will I pursue them?... HECK NO!! If I felt like my life was in danger, I would remove myself from that situation immediately. And, as a police officers wife, having full trust in our law enforcement, I maybe would have made a 911 call, and left it at that. I probably would have gone in the house, turned off all my lights, and peeked through the blinds until he was gone, and that would have been the end of it.

I was not there that night, I don't know exactly what happened. From what I have read, I understand why George Zimmerman was not charged. Florida has a different law system than we do. If you don't know the law that I speak of, research it. 

I think that paying respect to Trayvon by wearing hoodies, is awesome! But is it going to speed up this trial? Not at all. Did he deserve to die? No! No one deserves to die!! No matter if he was suspended for school, for whatever reason, that still doesn't justify taking his life.

I urge you, especially parents, to do your research, get the facts, try to understand laws, and the justice system, before you automatically jump to this being a racial issue. Racism isn't born, it's taught. Raise your children knowing no color. Now, I know that racism is still alive, but holding on to that anger, is giving all the racist people out there total power over you. Prove to them that we can do anything, no matter the color of our skin. We can be doctors, lawyers, even presidents. Don't teach them to blame their problems on other people. 

RIP to EVERYONE who has ever been killed, and to whom justice has not been served.

-The Banks Mama


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