What an Easter we had! We decided to host our first little get together at our house for Easter, and what an awesome idea that was! It started to rain when we got back from church, so we couldn't sit out in the back as we had planned, but the rain brought an awesome breeze, so we opened all the windows and doors, and set up tables in the garage. It felt SO good!

I didn't take a picture of the food that I made :( I forgot. My heart was so full, because my most favorite, and I mean FAVORITE person in the world came to see us! All the way from good ol' Ruston! I could go on for days about how much Stacey(and her husband Stan) mean to me, to us, to our kids, to the foundation our marriage was built on, so I instead will save it for a blog post one day. 

Anyways, they came, and my twin Teree and her family came, and my daddy and my brother and sissies came! It was just a laid back, good afternoon with good eats, good laughs, and good naps ;) Here are some pictures!

 My sister is on the right(Isn't she GORGEOUS) shhhh, don't tell her I said that.
 Eli and Brayden, chatting about something.

 Braxton crashes the party..
Apparently, my little brother Jaxon can't take pictures without saying "DEUCES"..

 Stan with his fur baby, Serci aka Jose... Isn't she cute?!
 Uncle Rob and Breland.

 My handsome men.

 Hey Jose.

 Breland had spit up all over his orange shirt, and he was missing a sock #babylife
 All the boys getting ready...
 Brendan finishing the resurrection eggs, and telling the story of Easter.
 Eli stole the donkey..
 Stan was trying his best to ruin the picture..

 Stace and I! I love her big, big!
 My prego twin. Ain't she just a glowin'?
 This is her gender announcement! We are adding another boy to our clan!! 6 boys!! OMGosh!!
So, I didn't get any family pictures. I didn't even get all of the boys fully dressed in their Easter outfits. I'm a terrible mom, I know.. But I think I am going to dress them back up and go take some bluebonnet pictures..we shall see. 

Hope y'all had a happy Easter! Ours was great! We were reminded of just how blessed we are!

-The Banks Mama


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