Story of my life

If you know anything about me, you know that my life is filled with moments where all you can do is shake your head at me..

Well, if you didn't know, this week, I am cooking for a family, 3 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner! This is my DREAM! I am praying praying praying that they will hire me permanently, but only God knows!!

Anyways, to start off day 2 of this new job, I woke up on time, got myself showered and dressed, got the kids dressed, everything was all good. I was going to stop by the donut shop on the way to drop the kids off with my grandparents.. go to look for my wallet. CANT FIND IT! I drove Brendans car last night, and I knew I left it in there.

After calling and panicking to him, turns out it is, in fact, in his car! UGH! So, I call my mom panicking, asking her to borrow money, and SHE LEFT HER DEBIT CARD AT HOME! Like mother, like daughter! She couldn't write me a check, because, guess what?... I didn't have my ID! So, luckily, her angel of a maintenance man gave my poor pathetic, (now rushing) self some money.

I hurry up and get the kids to my grandparents house, race to the store, get the groceries I need, and get to the clients house to find out they haven't even had breakfast yet(that I prepared the night before). I was so relieved! So I got them their breakfast, and started to make lunch.

Well, when I got done, I got in my car....I'm on E. And not like the needle is almost to E, I mean PAST  E! So, I have no money, and I have to go get my kids. Good thing this was around the time that Brendan was supposed to get off! My sweet grandma said it was no problem, and that he could come pick them up.. And thank goodness I made it home. I'm pretty sure my car won't even make it to the gas station from my house! Isn't this the story of my life?....

But, even after all that happening, being in that kitchen just reminded me of how much I want to cook for a living. I love the smell of old pots, the clicking of a gas stove, whisking until I can't feel my hands, the sound of a knife cutting through a vegetable, the aroma coming from the oven! AGH!! I never felt like I was working, not one second of today. Please continue to pray for me, I really believe in the power of prayer, and I know that I have this opportunity for a reason. If not to work for them full time, this will definitely open some doors!

Now, I must go pump. Boobs are as hard as rocks!

-The Banks Mama

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  1. Hey there! New follower via Texas Love Birds. Loved your DIY. :)


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