Our Thursday

Today,we spent some good old fashioned family time outdoors. That's right, we worked in the yard.
Apparently, the man who owned the home before us, just didn't care about life..or his house for that matter. All of the neighbors have been elated since we've moved in and fixed the yard up! Since it's spring, we are getting ready to plant!! It's the first time we've ever gotten to do this!!

We also have a huge backyard, and we are going to have a vegetable/herb garden. I was so excited getting started today, and that excitement came to a halt as I was pulling up roots. Uhm, hello! Garden snakes, salamanders, snails, and beetle larvae?! It was a little much for me. I had to take a little breather, readjust, and get back at it.

Most of me was sad that I was destroying these poor little animals homes though :/ Hubby made sure to relocate them to an area in the yard that we were not going to till. He loves his softhearted wife so much. Here are some pictures from today. We had so much fun. The boys loved seeing all the little creatures, and we even had lunch in the garage. It was such a gorgeous day. 

I love my family :)

 Hubby says this snake "wasn't that big"..yeah right.

 they were fascinated...

 weeds be gone!!

 I love his crazy cowlick in the front :) My sweet (not so tiny anymore) bubbas

 Braydens newest thing is "no paparazzi" when I take pictures of him. He's hilarious.
 Turkey and cheese for lunch.

 Braxton is in a constant state of consumption..
 Hundsley wasn't allowed outside because she likes to attack our neighbors... their pants legs at least.. she thinks the world is out to get us..
 I also took the time to workout a little.. why won't these last 10 pounds just fall off?.. geez..
 "Hey mom, were you gonna drink this?"
 Brendan trimmed our Lady Banks rose bush! I still freak out every time I look at it.. I will blog about it later if you don't know the meaning behind it..
 caught ya!

 Hubby is going to sweet talk the trash guys in the morning! Hopefully they will take all of this!
creeping on hubs from inside the house.. he may be crying because the front is finally done.. and I still have more projects for him.. or he may be wiping away sweat... whatevs..
 blowing me kisses...
 look at that sexy hardworking man...

And lastly, hubbys favorite meal. Yes, he is aware that he is married to a private chef, but that doesn't change a thing. He will take meatloaf and mac and cheese over any meal, any day. Boo-yow, in yo face.

-The Banks Mama


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