For my officer...

For my officer.
My husband.
My best friend.

There are few people, few men like you in the world. I admire your soul, and your spirit.
You have never let an excuse stand in your way.
You have overcome SO many obstacles, broke so many molds, shattered so many standards.
You are the kind of man that makes the devil hate his job.
Too many times have people tried to break you, and time after time you prove that you cannot be broken.
You always find a way to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.
Your diligence, perseverance, and persistence are admirable.
Your trust in the Lord is unwavering.
You have truly stepped back and let God take control of your life.

To say that I love my husband, is an understatement. I have watched him throughout this whole process. It all started with him changing his major so he could pursue his ultimate dream of becoming a police officer. For those of you that know us, this has NOT been an easy process. Just him getting hired took a year and a half alone. It has been a true test of faith to step back and let God do his work.

My husband is truly my hero. He is what I prayed for and then some. I know that God made this man for me because I'm just crazy enough to think that my God loves me that much....

I am SO proud of you, babe. Like everyone has been saying "God has big things prepared for you" I am so lucky to be your wife. Thank you for taking me on this journey. It has had its ups and downs, and I am thankful for every lesson we have learned, and I am SO happy that it has only brought us closer in the end.

Oh, and you sure do make a handsome cop.

-The Banks Mama


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