Make him a great boy.


There are so many times when I beat myself up about being too hard on my boys. I make them clean up their own messes, use their manners, address adults as "sir" and "ma am", chew with their mouths closed, and lots of other things.

Way too often, we will go out to eat, or go somewhere with other kids, and people will say, " They are so polite!" or " Your children are so well behaved" and I'm thinking, are they watching the same kids I am?! Sometimes I think they forget everything I teach them, but I guess what we are doing is paying off.

What's crazy to me is that their behavior isn't "the norm" I mean, shouldn't ALL kids say please and thank you? I think that it's only fair to teach your kids skills that they are always going to use as early as you can. It's our jobs as parents to make sure that we raise them the best way possible.

 I'm sure this will be a topic I blog about way too often, so I'm going to ask for feedback. What do you think?

-The Banks Mama


  1. With Barry's son... I feel like no one has ever told him you don't respond to an adult with 'YEA' or 'uh huh'. I threaten to take his snacks away if he doesn't chew with his mouth shut. And make him clean up his room at night. Sometimes I feel like I'm too hard on him... or that it isn't my place.


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