A lesson learned..

Well, a hard lesson was learned today in the Banks house. Daddy and I helped the boys clean their room today, because it was a little messy. We pulled their toy box out, put toys in their correct homes, and straightened up books.

Whenever a toy is broken, or missing a part, we always throw them away. Usually without the boys knowing, but today, we actually had the boys put the broken toys/torn books in the trash themselves. We wanted them to understand that mommy and daddy's feelings are hurt when they break toys, or tear their books, because they don't appreciate them enough to take care of them. Then we explained that if they can't take care of them, they won't get any new toys. If they can't take care of the ones that they DO have, how could we expect them to take care of new toys?

While this lesson was being learned, it got me thinking. I started thinking about how God feels when we don't appreciate the things that he gives us.

I mean, for one, I have to remind myself that I am a sinner, and I don't deserve what I have. I think that all too often we long for the things that we don't have, without appreciating the things that we DO have. The things that we don't even deserve.

How bad must it hurt God when we complain about our Job? At least you have one...
Or to complain about our old car? At least you have transportation...
Or how our house isn't big enough? At least you have a roof over your head...
Your kids driving you crazy?.. Some people would give up everything they have to just have ONE..

I know that it must hurt Him so bad when I complain. Just like we were telling our boys, if they don't appreciate the toys they have now, why would get them new toys?

I think the same principle applies to me. If I don't fully appreciate everything that God has given me, WHY would he reward me?

This week, I am challenging myself, and my family, to appreciate the little things. When Brayden complains that he has blueberries in his pancakes, I will remind him that some kids don't even have breakfast. When I complain about doing 6 loads of laundry on Monday, I will have to remind myself that some families can't afford clothes...

Will you challenge yourself this week?

-The Banks Mama


  1. awesome post but i absolutely love your blog banner!! precious!!


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