3 months!!

I can't believe it has been 3 months already. It really seems like yesterday that I was sitting in this living room, just like I am now, with my laptop on my lap, peeing every 3 minutes, having weird spontaneous contractions, and thinking they were totally braxton hicks.

I felt you move and hiccup and kick.
I had no idea that giving birth naturally would be such a breeze, nor that my labor would only be 3 hours.
I still couldn't imagine having 3 little boys in my life.
I didn't know that my heart could get even bigger!

I forgot that it takes literally a second to fall in love with your baby.
I wondered what your brothers would think about you.

 The day I went into labor, 36 weeks pregnant!

mmm, contractions are fun!

 labor in water = amazing

 squatting in labor = NOT amazing

 SO glad my sister got this picture, it was my last push.

hello there, beautiful.
 nursing PRO
 Time with daddy

 Hey daddy, what IS that?

 Big Brother

tummy timee!!!

It's crazy how we feel like Breland has always been a part of our family! I can't imagine life without him! Happy 3 months! If you could stay like this forever, I would have no objections! I love you Breland Alton!!

-The Banks Mama


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