Okay, so it's been a while since I've blogged. Well guess what?.. alot has happened, and alot is still happening! Wanna know what exactly? I hope so, because you're about to find out!!

Well, okay, let's start off in July- Hubby got the job, as you all should know(go Brendan, it's your birthday, go Brendan, it's your birthday).. and that kicked off this season of change!

We found a house, and moved in on September 9th. I can't believe it's almost been a month, and we are still unpacking! We are pretty much settled in, lots more decorating to do. (that I can't physically do) Nursery isn't completed, office is a HUGE mess, and guess what? I'm just a little stressed.

On to the next thing. The newest member that will be coming soon.. maybe sooner than we thought.. I had a checkup last week, and my midwife was not happy.

Things that were wrong:
1. Im overweight
-Well, duh. I weighed 163 when I got pregnant with #3( my high school weight) and now I am a whopping 208 lbs.
-I weighed 185 when I got pregnant with Braxton, and was only 213 when I had him, but I was seriously overweight.
-All that to say, I love my midwife, and I know they are all about you being healthy, but I just blow up when I'm pregnant! But the good thing is, I know I can get sexy again.... WATCH OUT NOW!
-So I'm on a NO CARB, NO SWEETS diet until the baby comes. Raise your hand if you think I've been following what she said.
-By show of hands, You all know me too well

2. My iron is dangerously low.
-I'm anemic, always have been.
-My iron is always low when I'm pregnant, but since I'm not at a doctor or going to deliver at a hospital where they can just shove whatever drugs in you they need to, the midwives have to take extra precaution to make sure baby and I are super healthy and ready for delivery.
-I have an appointment tomorrow to see the doctor that the birthcenter uses to check on my iron.
-And I have started a new iron supplement that should help. I also have to take 2 huge tablespoons of grandma's molasses everyday. It's gross, but whatever I can do to help little baby :)

3. Baby is measuring BIG, and my cervix is too soft.
-When she measured my fundus height, I was at 35 weeks.
-I'm only 32 weeks(or was then)
-She then proceeded to check my cervix, and said that it was softening.
-I am now supposed to stay off my feet, no walking, no exercise, and get this.. NO SEX...
-This baby better know how much his mommy and daddy love him!
-If I havent dilated, or my cervix is the same at next weeks appointment, she will take me off these restrictions.
-If not,.....BEDREST.
-That would be terrible.

So- that's what's going on with me and the baby in my belly. We have an ultrasound on Thursday to see him, and make sure everything is all good with little brother. I can't wait to meet this little troublemaker!

Speaking of troublemaker... My children have been ripping and running in our new house. They absolutely love it, and I'm glad they love each other so much because mommy has been consumed with so much lately, that they keep each other entertained. They are hilarious. Brendan and I just laugh at them so much, they keep us cracking up!!

Brendan is loving just about every aspect of the academy. I love seeing him so happy when he goes to work, and when he comes home. It is such a blessing that he gets to do what he loves to do and has waited so long to get to do!...

Welp, I think that's all for now, I need to get some rest so I will be ready for my appointment in the morning. Please everyone pray for the rest of this pregnancy to go smooth, and for a safe and not so painful(yeah right) delivery. We are in the home stretch, and we are so ready to meet our newest baby boy-who still doesnt have a name! hahaha

-The Banks Mama


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