Cooking with my boys

So, if you know anything about me, you will know that I love to cook (and eat) and cook! Since I stay home with my little boys, I am always trying to find ways to incorporate them into everyday things. Boy do they LOVE to help mommy cook!

As soon as Brayden sees me crank the oven up, he says "Mommy, what we making today?"

Oh, and the other one, he could care less about cooking, he's more worried about the consumption. Either way, we like to have fun in the kitchen together, and today we made up a super good super fun recipe! They ate them all and wanted more when we were done!

We call them our Cinnamon-apple roll ups.

Ingenious name, I know. We're just THAT awesome.

Well it starts with bread-

And two handsome Banks boys (optional)

Warning: When cooking with Baby Braxton, you may have a few casualties, and as normal, big brother will have to repeat what he has done (ya know to make it even)

So first, cut the ends off the bread.. (who likes ends anyway)

but don't throw em away. Use em for breadcrumbs for meatloaf, hamburgers, meatballs..etc.

Next, flatten em! Brayden loves to use the rolling pin!

After you've flattened those crustless babies, its time for the BUTTAH. Excuse me, we get excited about butter around here... But, ahem.. liberally apply butter to your bread slices.

Here, we have butter, cinnamon-sugar, and since my kids love applesauce, we have a little applesauce :)

After the butter is applied,sprinkle the cinnamon-sugar, and don't skimp on it!

Add a little schmear of applesauce on each slice...

Then, roll em up, roll em up, and throw em in the pan!!

We brushed them with butter on top just for good measure, and they came out golden and DELICIOUS... 400 degrees for about 15 minutes is all it took!

And whaddya know?.. since we made carrot cake cupcakes last night, we had leftover cream cheese icing.. most fortunate coincidence we could have run into... if you don't have that lying around, you could just use a regular icing, (powdered sugar,and water)

pair them with a glass o milk, and ta-dah!!! You've got yourself a quick and easy snack for the kids..

easy cheesy, huh? It got the nod of approval from my boys ;)

Now I do make more extravagant things than this, this is just a fun little diddy that me and the kids cooked up... hope you make this with your little ones.. they are scrumptious :)


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