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I wanted to write today briefly about how hard being a parent is. Don't take that the wrong way, it's the hardest, most fulfilling, rewarding, and challenging job there is.

There are things you don't think about once you see that plus sign in the second window of that pregnancy test, or when you see that little heartbeat for the first time on that intrauterine ultrasound, or even when you are getting his sweet little nursery together in preparation for him to come home.

It's not until the doctor hands you that little miracle covered with slime, that you realize, "oh crap! I am solely responsible for this child." And when you glance over at your husband, and he's thinking the same thing. "What do we do now?"

There are so many things that didn't matter, that suddenly do now!

SO many things that didn't make sense that DO now!

I beat myself up all the time, because I'm so scared about raising my children "the wrong way" that it worries me so much. I almost never ask for advice from anyone, because honestly, they are MY children. I will raise them the way my husband and I have agreed to raise them, and that's it.

Do I spank my kids? You bet!

Do I sometimes baby them right after? You got it!

Are there days when I want to run down the street screaming, pulling my hair out, and asking the first person I see if they would take 2 little boys in exchange for a bottle of vodka? Oh yeah!

I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay home with my little fellas, but with that comes a lot of pressure. I don't have someone teaching my kids the ABC's and nursery rhymes, or doing arts and crafts, mommy has to do all that...

Am I giving them the right tools to succeed? Are they getting enough social interaction? Am I letting them run around enough, the way they could if they were at school? Am I paying them enough attention?

There's so many arguments about whether its better to stay home with your kids when they are young as opposed to when they are older, and quite frankly. I'm not a parenting expert, nor do I proclaim myself to be, so I couldn't tell you what was the right or wrong way. All I know is I do the BEST I can, HOW I can, WHILE I can.

With that being said, Every once in a while my kids give me a little something that makes me want to give myself a little pat on the back..

Today we were sitting down eating dinner, and Brayden says, " Mommy, Daddy loves God, and he loves you."

Now, I can tell you, through all my doubts, all my frustrations, and all the criticism, I have NEVER been more proud, and more reassured about My husband and I's adequacy as parents.

Cheers to all the mommies out there busting your butts for your babies, whether you work, stay at home, or whatever. It's a tough job, and we should all give ourselves a pat on the back!! Our kids deserve the best, and we are here to give it to them!

-The Banks Mama


  1. You two rock...and I'll have the Cran/Vodka (make it a double) when when you need it, Hahaha!


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