It's a BOY!... AGAIN!!

So, another boy it is! I seriously thought I would be sad if it wasn't a girl, but I still cried (like I always do) with tears of happiness, excitement, graciousness, and gratitude. I don't know why it takes the gender determination for me to feel like we are actually having a baby.. maybe it's seeing the little man move around, or seeing his little heartbeat.. I really don't know. I am so overwhelmed with God's love, that it's hard for me to even say much today without crying. Brendan is more than excited. Daddy loves his little boys! He's actually sitting next to me with a pen and pad, writing down baby names, ha ha. I told him he could choose the name this time, with very little input from me.. He's in heaven! Brayden is so excited. He loves his little brother, so why wouldn't he want another boy? They are going to be a blast.. oh man it's crazy to think about having 3 crazy little guys running around the house!!

Thank you everyone for your congratulations, we are still basking in the bliss of new life, and thanking God for everything he has given us!! So here are some pictures of our sweet new baby boy :) It was so much fun watching him, and seeing the boys' reactions when he would move. The sonographer had to bother him a little bit to get him so show us his face, and at one point, he totally rolled over and turned his back on us!! It was SO funny!! I am so glad we recorded this, it was probably one of the most memorable experiences that I will ever have. I will post the video tomorrow, it is taking too long to load, and I need to go to bed!! Night!

his little hand resting under his chin

his sweet little profile! Love it!

that lip kills me!

-The Banks Family(of five)


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