THREE. three years. How has it been 3 years already? I look through these pictures and see all of your features in that tiny little baby boy! You were a loud little thing when you came out, my friends and family said they heard your cry in the hallway! I remember the bliss that was that day. The sweet smell of newborn baby breath, the warmth of your tiny body against mine, the newness of providing nutrients to another human being, the overwhelming flow of emotions! I think I cried every time I looked at you for about 2 weeks. Brayden, mommy is ashamed, yet proud to admit that I never knew what kind of love Christ had for me, until he gave me you. I never understood the sacrifice until your daddy brought you to me,and I held you in my arms. At that moment, everything around me froze, and I cried and cried at the thought of ever sacrificing you for the wicked, evil, selfish people of this world. You were mine, all mine, and I would never let anything or anyone ever come between me and my sweet bundle of baby boy. Your daddy was captivated by you as well. We often fought over who got to hold you. Daddy would burp you as soon as I was done nursing you( I think he just wanted to hold you more) He was awesome at being a first time dad.

Over these years you have grown to be our silly intelligent little monster. You love to correct us, you love to quiz us, and boy do you love to CHALLENGE us! You find ways around getting in trouble, which usually involve you saying something clever. You are way too smart, and way too cute. I would love to say that Daddy and I dont fall for it, but we usually do. You love to look at the moon and the stars. We think maybe you will be an astronomist, or maybe even an astronaut! You love to read stories about Jesus, but have made it clear that when you are hungry, you do NOT want fishes and bread, you want a cheeseburger. You are the best big brother in the world. Your brother adores you, and you two are best friends! You take care of him in every way that you can, and I love to see you take charge and do what a big brother is supposed to do! You will even wipe his nose for him sometimes. SO sweet!

These past 3 years of being your mommy have been joyous, crazy, hectic, confusing, awesome, and humbling. You are everything that we ever dreamed of, and we look forward to the person that you are becoming. But, dont let it happen too fast, ok?

I love you Brayden Michael Banks! Happy 3rd Birthday! Im wishing on a star tonight, just for my baby boy :)

-The Banks Mama


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