Through sickness and in health...

So0- this has been the worst week of my life. well, I exaggerate, but, I get sick once a year, MAYBE once a year, and when I do, I feel like Im near death. I have been deathly ill all week with sinus junk, as well as the boys. We all went to the doctor and got loaded up on meds. Brayden has lost his voice, my poor baby sounds so sad.. Braxton has started his breathing treatments again, so his sickness doesnt get into his chest. Its been a long, sad, sick, sleepy week. Today, we opted out of going to church, in hopes that we would have a productive day to catch up on housework, and just enjoy each others company since we were running around all day yesterday. Well, didnt happen. Brendan woke up with boys, around 7 am, and let me sleep. I woke up around 10:30, to my surprise.. because usually 8 am is sleeping in to me.. Well, I felt terrible when I woke up, so I grabbed a donut and laid on the couch. Braxton climbed up with me, and we were both back asleep before 11. Brendan urged me to get back in the bed, but I just couldnt get off of the couch.. I woke up again around 12:30 and took a shower, to wake myself up, but I just kept getting lightheaded. I attempted to do some laundry, but couldnt bring myself to do it. I then asked Brendan to check my blood pressure, because I just wasnt feeling too hot. Well, it was a little low.. 99/69, so he shoved some boiled eggs and peanut butter into my system, and it came back up. I then went BACK to sleep around 3, and woke up around 6. It has been a miserable day, but my husband has been SUPER DAD. He has taken care of the boys and I all day, and I have never been so grateful for him. I asked him if he could be a stay at home dad, and he still said yes, so I guess the day wasnt THAT bad to him. He waited on me hand and foot, and took care of our sick little babies. I love him so much. He will get a mini vacation though, he will be in Orlando, Florida this next weekend, helping with the family business. He does so much to provide for us, sometimes I feel like I dont say thank you enough. I know that I have an amazing man, but sometimes he still amazes me. So, l still dont feel that much better, but life must go on... Tomorrow the boys start their first day at the Mothers Day Out program at the church that we have been attending, and I start my first week on my own schedule with Hilton. I pretty much work during naptimes, so this should be good. I am enjoying it so far, and have loved it especially because I have been sick, so Ive been grateful that I havent had to leave the house. Pray for our complete restoration, and for a safe trip to Florida for Brendan. Thank you, -The Banks Family


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