A dance and a date night

Hello again- So due to inclement weather, we had to have our anniversary celebrations this weekend. No worries, it was amazing. But- it started off with my little sisters first daddy daughter dance! I got to go do her hair and get her all jazzed up. Let me just tell you she puts the "D" in DIVA!! She specifically wanted me to braid her hair a certain way, and she also did NOT want to wear the pink shoes that Mandy got her. Everytime I'm with my sister, it reminds me of why we keep saying we dont want a little girl :) I love her though! She's all the girl I need! She looked so grown up before she left, I may have shed a little tear or two.... My dad..well he's my dad. He looked sharp as always, and that's all Im gonna say, as not to boost his ego more than it already is!

So, after we saw them off to the dance, we went home to get ready for our Anniversary date :) Brendan and I decided to make a new tradition. Last year, we went to this quaint little sushi place in downtown Dallas. The Owner is so sweet, and they make everything SO personal! So, we are going to go there every year for anniversary. They gave us sake on the house ;) He also announced to the whole restaurant that it was our anniversary, it was Awesome! After eating way too much sushi(I could eat much last year because Braxton was in my belly) We went to Deep Ellum ,and found an amazing little jazz spot, called "Tuckers Blues" We had SO much fun! We will be going there again for sure. It was perfect, and and amazing way to end our night!!I didnt take pictures, mainly because I didnt want to carry my big ol' camera around, I wanted to be cute with my little clutch. Which reminded me that I really need to get a point and shoot.. here are a couple of pictures of me and my handsome hubbas :)

Well, another Monday! Brendan has an interview for Arlington Police Department on Friday. Please keep him in your prayers. We are praying he gets into the academy in March!!!!
-The Banks Family


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