Fun times with "dan dad dee"

Hey! I just wanted to do a quick post because something terribly funny just happened..

It you didn't know already, the only person in this world that Brayden loves more than his mommy and daddy, is his granddaddy (dan dad dee) which is actually MY granddaddy, and Braydens GREAT grandfather... He is attached at the hip. I get jealous only because I used to be on his hip, but, i guess I'm just a little too big for that now :)

But anyways, since we have moved back, they have had a BLAST together. Cooking, sleeping, watching TV, going outside.. whatever they can do, they do it. Its the cutest thing I've ever seen. Granddaddy eagerly awaits 5:45 for me to pull up so he can open the garage and run to the car and scoop him up!! Well, tonight, they were hanging out as usual, and I look up to see this...


So I almost died laughing, but this is what they do all the time!! Hope you enjoyed!!!

- The Banks Family


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