So, sorry for not updating.. wow its sad that last time we did was 8 weeks ago, but if you knew what all has transpired in the last 8 weeks, you would definitely understand why.

Well, first off, We have relocated. Well sorta. Well okay, let me explain. Here is our calendar of events.

*Told our landlord that Brendan graduates in November, so we would have to rent month to month after our lease was up on September 1st.
* August 1st, landlord says that's not gonna work, renew your lease and sign a 6 month or 12 month lease.
* We say... well a few words that cant be stated, but we know we don't want to move somewhere else in Ruston for just 3 months...
* New plan : Jaalisa takes all online classes, takes the offspring, moves to Texas ahead of Brendan.
* Brendan moves into a house with FOUR other guys, stays there Monday through Friday afternoon, back in Texas every Friday night through Sunday night.
* Jaalisa gets a job as Lead pre-school teacher at the Children's Academy in Mansfield. Full- Time, 8:30 - 5:30 M-F...
* Brendan gets on Campus job, working at night from 10:30 pm - 2:30 am

So, does that explain enough?? We have spent JUST the WHOLE month of September trying to get acclimated to our new lifestyle/ schedules. So far its not too bad, we stay busy during the week, and by Friday night, we are in each others arms again. Not too bad, just a small sacrifice that we were willing to make for the sake of our future family of FOUR!!!

Brayden hasn't noticed much of a change. All he has noticed is that every morning he goes to a school, and mommy happens to pop up at random times during the day and then disappears again. Brayden actually loves his new school, and i love that i get to see him ALL day. He is ALREADY spoiled by his teachers, and it makes us happy! Our baby needs to be spoiled! Ha, ha!! The new baby is still incubating, we are 17 weeks along now, and scared that I will be double the size i was with Brayden. And believe me folks, that's scary!!

Daddy is doing well, just schooling it up!! less than TWO MONTHS!!!! He will be an official Louisiana Tech Alumni. Oh, and he has the most severe case of senioritis that anyone could ever have!!

So, that's all for now, in the busy life of the Banks Bunch! We will try to update at least once a week :) Don't hold it against us if we don't!!!

- The Banks Family


  1. Glad to hear that you are all doing well! You are all still in my thoughts. Miss you, girl!


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