Well, today is no ordinary friday, today is was the OFFICIAL last day of the first seesion of summer school!!! Brendan is so excited.. he asked me today "what am i gonna do on monday?" lol i was like i dont know, RELAX maybe? Brendan has all online classes next session, and i have one online, and one 3 week session, so this session shouldnt be too bad. Summer school is great, its just kinda weird cuz its so much curriculum jam packed into 3-6 weeks.. but, of course, its nothing we cant handle!! We just pray that God gives us the strength to do what we gotta do!!

So this weekend we will be relaxing, and doing ABSOLUTELY nothing..if Brayden lets us...he is getting EIGHT TEETH...wait, if you didnt get that, let me say it again... EIGHT TEETH!!!!!!!! he kept us up alll night last night. its so sad, because there is nothing we can do to help him, and we feel so bad.. Today my mother in law suggested that i put whisky on his gums for the 234534624576245756 time, and i told her, that its almost to that point, i think i'll put some on his gums, then chug a few shots myself, that way we are both guaranteed a good nights sleep (ha, ha)

- The Banks Family


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