chocolate makes the world go round...

For dessert tonight, we had...
chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and a strawberry topping :)

somehow, daddy and brayden managed to sneak the bowl away...

he's a bad influence...
the end result :)

oh, and by the way, I dont use recipes, I make my own! So I cant give em out until my cookbook is done, according to my manager/husband :)
now, we are going to go pray that God forgives us for having two pieces of cake at 9:00 pm..
happy humpday to us!!!

- The Banks Family


  1. Look at you, Betty Crocker! I didn't know until I started reading your blog and seeing your facebook status' that you were such a cook. When you create your cookbook you'll have to let me know, cause Lord knows I need the help! You should try to get a cooking TV show out of it too...I'd totally watch it! :)

  2. lol thats what brendan says.. and he also says that i will get most of my ratings from dropping and spilling stuff.. but hey, works for me!!! but i will give ya some of my tips.. only because you're a newlywed :)


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