Baby Banks # 2

So, we're having another baby! I think we have said that out loud about 25 thousand times, for the reality to actually set in.. we are going to have TWO kids!!!! We wanted to answer a couple of questions so we dont get bombarded with them.. because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming....

#1. Was it planned?
this is a question that I think can be a little too personal sometimes, depending on who's asking it, buttt since everyone decides to ask anyways.. It wasnt planned, but it wasnt prevented. We had just made up in our minds that if we got pregnant anytime after May, it would be okay, and then BOOM... but ultimately it wasnt up to us... God said it was time.

#2. Do you want a boy or a girl?
Brendan wants a girl, Jaa'Lisa wants a boy... but we will be happy either way :)

#3. How is Brayden taking this?
We dont think he has any clue! But maybe as time goes on, he will start to understand.

#4.When is the baby due?
March 13, 2010
which makes me 7 weeks.

#5. What are you going to do with two babies?
Love them, and have fun.

#6.What about school?
Brendan graduates November 21, 2009.
Jaalisa will finish school in time...

#7. What is Brendan going to do when he graduates?
Whatever God leads him to do.

#8. Are you happy?
Of course we are! we want 5 kids!

SO, that should answer any questions that you may have!! As for the future, we have learned to solely rely on God, and he will let us know what it is that we are supposed to be doing, so honestly, we have no answer, because he hasnt let us know yet! But, when he does, we will fill you guys in ;)!!

- The Banks Family


  1. congrats again to the both of you! and i totally agree that relying on God is the only way to make it thru anything!

  2. Congratulations, you guys! I would be with Jaa'lisa if I were in your shoes. Another boy would be just GREAT! Brandon would be with Brendan--I think he wanted a girl the first time around. I'm so happy for you. You guys obviously make pretty babies, and more importantly will raise them to love the Lord.

  3. Cyndi- thanks, yes that is the ONLY way!

    Melissa- Girls scare me to be honest.. lol just knowing myself, and what i put my parents through.. so all boys would be great!! and thank you so much, that means alot!!

  4. Whaaat?! I am SO EXCITED for you! Seriously JaaLisa, from everything I read and see you are obviously the greatest wife & mommy and I know you'll be an even better mommy of two!

    Love you.

  5. thank you carly! that makes me smile on the inside and out! youre the best!


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