Friday, July 25, 2014

End of Tball 2014 Season!

We ended our Spring Season with a BANG! Way to go Bulls and Phillies!!



Braxtons Team party was at our house! Meghan helped me put together a super cute party!!









The moms got the coaches signed balls and gift cards! So sweet!


I was very proud of my cake! And Brendan was exhausted afterwards. Can ya tell?! Until next spring, Bye T-Ball!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Reunion 2014








We had a blast celebrating my dads side of the family this past weekend! Nothing like family!



Wednesday, July 16, 2014


BEHIND!! I'm so behind on blogging! I've got recipes, vidoes, tutorials, super cute kid pics, milestones that the Brevy man has made, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, we leave for disney in less than two months, and I haven't even finished blogging last years trip!

I will catch up eventually, but as of right now, I am enjoying the summer time with my babies and their super cute daddy. He just went back to work after taking a week off, and boy did we need that! I just love that man. I would always have him less than an inch away from me if I could!

I guess I will start blogging from the most current, and kinda back track, I still have Braydens field day that he has been begging me to blog, and then I guess I will end with Disney.

So, most current, well, kinda.. lol would be last weekend! We attended our friends Kristy and Dan's baby girls Natalies 2nd Birthday Party at the Little Gym! Natalie is one of those special babies to me, because I was there moments after she was born to capture some super sweet moments from her parents getting to meet their daughter. I will never forget walking in and Kristy saying "We have a daughter!" Talk about sobfest! I also took her newborns, which are some of my FAVORITE ones to date!

The kids had a blast, even Brayden who didn't get to play very long, because he was coming from acting class (More on that later)... It was a great party celebrating little Natalie Faith! I put together a video, because that is my most favorite thing to do now, and the boys LOVE watching the videos I make! Happy 2nd Birthday to Natalie!