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The small things become the big things..

Woah! Look at me. This is my second blog, on my second week! Who is this lady? HA!
So, kids. Let's talk about em. I remember after finding out I was pregnant with Brayden, I couldn't stop imagining tiny baby booties, and little bow ties, and snuggling with a little fresh babe. I thought about bottles, and pacifiers, and wipes, and diapers, and all the essentials you need to care for a baby. It wasn't until after he was born that I started to think about what kind of lessons I would teach my child. I got so much unsolicited advice. Do this, don't do that.. Blah Blah Blah. One night, Brendan and I were up late and started to talk about how we wanted to raise our children. What did we want our dynamics to be? Who would be the disciplinarian, and who would be the softie? What values did we want them to have? How did we make the little lessons mean something bigger? Well that first year went by quick, and soon we found ourselves with a toddler, and another little baby on th…

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